Meandros Nitro to upgrade your speargun

You can upgrade your old or cheap speargun, with a new patented, self-centering, 100% stainless steel release mechanism, the Meandros Nitro, so that you can obtain a great solution, with little work and little cost!

Meandros is a leader in producing high-quality top solutions release mechanisms, and it has a complete line of different conversion models because it offers the possibility to upgrade almost any handle of any brand: Beuchat, Cressi, Demka, Imersion, Omer, Pathos, Picasso, Rob Allen and Sporasub.

We have tried to make the conversion on the Beuchat Marlin Evil and the Cressi Comanche, and both have been easy and a great success, even though the Cressi needs some little adaptations and so a little more work.

Meandros Nitro BC for Beuchat Marlin Evil

The first system is the Meandros Nitro BC, which perfectly fits the Beuchat Marvin Evil and so needs no machining. The mechanism is Inverted, push-rod and has a built-in durable arm heel. The system has an upper operating system with pushers & automatic centering of the shaft at its entrance. The release lever can be positioned both on the right or on the left of the handle. It fits in the Beuchat handle and is blocked with the original Beuchat pin, and works with both European and American type shafts. Material is 100% inox 316 marine type. The total weight is 54 gr.

Meandros Nitro BC 100% stainless steel patented auto centering release mechanism for Beuchat Marvin Evil conversion
Release mechanism by Meandros mounted on Beuchat Marvin Evil handle
Meandros self-centering release mechanism for European and American type shafts
Inox trigger by Meandros
Release mechanism by Meandros mounted on Beuchat Marvin Evil handle and steel release lever on left side
Meandros chest support with a concave profile for best line of aim

Meandros Nitro CR for Cressi Comanche

Another system we have used for conversion on the Cressi Comanche is the Meandros Nitro CR. The system is an inverted solution, like all Meandros release mechanisms. The system is great for heavy-duty and compatible with thermoplastic handles, so perfectly adapts to the factory products. It has a built-in, durable arm heel and an upper operating system with pushers & automatic centering of the shaft at its entrance. It fits and locks to the Cressi Comanche handle with the 2 original Cressi pins in pre-existing holes of the handle. Its sensitivity is unaffected by heavy loads because of its geometry, and the system hosts European & American type shafts. It is made of 100% inox 316 marine type and the total weight is 48 gr.

Nitro CS for Cressi Comanche conversion
Meandros release mechanism with the lateral inox release lever and positioning tool
Nitro CS with the tool for the positioning of the lateral cut for the line release lever
Meandros release mechanism and steel line release lever
The Nitro CS mounted on the Cressi Comanche handle with some machining and the two original Cressi pins
Meandros Nitro CS with shaft automatic centering system mounted on Cressi Meandros handle
The Nitro CS with lateral inox line release lever and inox trigger






Meandros release mechanism mounted on Cressi Comanche handle and complete with concave chest support profile