Spetton harness

The Spetton Lastre Rock Holle harness is one of the biggest size-wise on the market and aims totally to obtaining the best fit, adherence and comfort for the spearfisherman, and also long lasting quality. 

Weights and pockets


Weights to be used on the Spetton harness are the dedicated flat rectangular ones, which are used also in similar deisgn by other companies, and indeed adapt very well to the body thanks to their thin profile, which measures 5 mm. Such lead elements weigh around 900 g, and up to 5 can be inserted, for total 4.5 kilos.


The pockets, which open and close with a velcro strap, are 5 and positioned all along the back of the harness, centrally. There are no weights in the front part of the harness on the chest of the spearfisherman. 

Material, sizes and preformed cut


As anticipated, the material and sizes are key in the Spetton harness, which is designed to adapt perfectly to the body. First of all the neoprene used is high density. This means it floats less and has higher resistence. 


To adapt well to bigger or smaller bodies the Spetton harness is offered in two sizes, Medium and Large. There is no adjustment system and this is the very unique solution by the Spanish company. In fact, the frontal part of the harness does not even have a nylon band to close it. The perfect preformed cut permits to have an excellent adhesion of the harness to the body so that it remains in position even if it is frontally “open”. 

Dressing and releasing

Quick release

The “no strap” solution at the front indeed works perfectly for a great release system. In fact, the rear part of the Spetton harness has in the bottom part a very strong velcro strap to connect to the weight belt. If the diver has an emergency ansd needs to release all the weights, it will be sufficient for him to open the belt and the Spetton harness will come off also with no additional action or clip to release. This is definitely an excellent solution. We have talked about the fastest release solution for the harness in occasion of the article of the Epsealon line. Here we definately seem to have the quickest solution for the release off all the weights, belt and harness all at once. Well done Spetton! We will test the solution in the water very soon!

Spetton harness rear strap


Dressing the Spetton harness is very fast and easy. The absence of adjustment straps on the shoulders make the action even smoother. The design of the pure continuous neoprene braces definitely increase comfort. 

Additional elements

The Spetton harness has in its semplicity its strength and so has no laces, no straps, and nothign to make it more complex. So no straps for the knife nor a whistle. We understand the logic, but still think the whistle should be mandatory by law