Epsealon harnesses

The French company Epsealon has definately one of the most complete, safe and good looking harnesses line on the market. We are here presenting 5 solutions, which differ little on the practical side, but are nicely characterized aesthetically. These are the Demonskin (new 2022), the Tactical Stealth, and the Easy Fit (Brown Fusion, Red Fusion and Orange, but there are more colours available). The aesthetics are particularly cool as they match wetsuits, carbon fiber fins, gloves, foot-pockets. Some, like the Tactical Stealth, even beautifully match the hydrodinamic weights!

Epsealon Demonskin harness
Epsealon Demonskin
Espealon Tactical Stealth harness
Espealon Tactical Stealth
Epsealon Tactical Stealth hydrodynamic weight
Epsealon Tactical Stealth hydrodynamic weight
Espealon Easyfit Orange harness
Espealon Easy Fit Orange
Epsealon Easyfit Brown Fusion harness
Epsealon Easy Fit Brown Fusion
Epsealon Easyfit Red Fusion harness
Epsealon Easy Fit Red Fusion

Kilos and pockets

In all the 5 versions of Epsealon harnesses the weight distribution is the same. There are four pockets positioned on the back that can host lead shots weights of 1 or 2 kg, for maximum 8 kg. Of course the system permits also to insert tradition belt weights, but lead shots weights can be more comfortable.

Materials and sizes

The Epsealon harnesses are made in neoprene for the best adaptation to the wetsuit. The French harnesses are in a sigle size, but adjustable. This is possible thanks to the two adjustable straps that run around the shoulders. Epsealon has worked attently on the ergonomics to make it possible to offer the harness in one single adjustable size adapt to every spearfisherman. The back in particular has been moulded to perfectly adapt to the body.

Epsealon Easy Fit adjustable harness
To make it possible to limit the offer to one single adjustable size

Wearing and releasing


The Epsealon harnesses can be worn in quite simple and traditional way. You set the harness with the lateral clips closed so the two bands can go around the shoulders. Once this is done, the harness could already be used. Still, there is an additonal step to set it for the best quick release solution!


The quickest release

The quick release system is, in fact, another part, together with the aesthetics, where Epsealon harnesses excell, and safety is amazingly important. The concept is to have two adjustable straps with fast release clips. Once the harness has been worn in the traditional way, it is possible to release the two clips and bring them together on the chest. The fit will be perfect, and once the central clips will be released the harness will immediately drop off the body. All this happens in an instant, with the spearfisherman being able to release the clip with only one hand. This is today the fastest and safer quick release system on the market.

No back connection

For such reason, the rear of the Espealon harnesses has only a Nylon ring, but is not accessorized with an elastic line or a strap and a clip to attach the harness to the belt. In fact, this would go against the concept of an immediate release. The anathomy of the Epsealon harnesses is so good it does not need such solution, except eventually when the maximum weights are inserted. The spearfisherman will need to provide such additional element to connect the Nylon ring to the weight belt. 

Epsealon herness wearing process
Epsealon Tactical Stealth setup change
Epsealon Harness quick release

Additional elements

Not only the Epsealon harnesses are excellent in the quick release system, and also in the aestethical offer, but there is more. The Epsealon Easy Fit Orange is a great way to signal the spearfisherman in the water. This is of key help for the boatman or the rescue team. It can also be of some help to signal the position to those boats that are not careful in understading the spearfisherman does not need to be under the buoy, but in general, depending on the laws of the country, within 50 meters from it…we all know the problem! Moreover, in a specific and very interesting test done on colour visibility in relation to depth, orange is apparently indeed well visible far beyond the first 10 meters. 

In addition, all the Epsealon harnesses have included a professional whistle (the one without the small ball that could get stuck). Another safety feature we commend and believe should be made mandatory by law. And finally, there is a dedicated system with two Velcro straps on the shoulder band to postion a small knife. It will need to be oriented with the blade facing upwards inside the case and the handle downwards. This will make it very simple and natural for the spearfisherman to pull it out with one hand. 

Epsealon Demonskin harness knife straps.JPG
Epsealon Demonskin harness knife straps.JPG