When it comes to steel products Sigalsub is indeed the Made in Italy company among the ones with the best know-how in the design and manufacturing. So not only is Sigalsub leader in the shafts sector, but also wishbones and metal components of muzzles. On top, here is a dedicated article on two new models of Sigalsub knives, the Kenobi and the Razor.

Sigalsub Kenobi and Razor knives


Design and materials

Among the new Sigalsub knives is the Kenobi, totally in steel. It is offered in two colors, black with military green sheath and vice versa.

Even though it has a flat design the profile of the handle is ergonomic with specific rugged areas for the best grip. The end of the handle is complete with two profiles that extend externally. This avoids the hand sliding down to the blade when working with the knife.

The design includes key elements, such as the hole for the passage of a shaft. This works as a shaft unlock and straightening system. The cutting edge is present on both sides of the blade. One side is smooth. The other side has a smooth tip, while the rest is a special double toothed design. The latter is great for scaling the fish, but is also one of the best and more effective cutting solutions. The Kenobi has a drop point tip design.

The sheath

Made of glass loaded nylon, the sheath is either black or military green, depending on the color of the knife. The design of the sheath is very compact. It makes it possible to use the Kenobi on the weight belt, but probably more adequate is the position on the arm, using the supplied strap.

The safety connection of the knife to the sheath is obtained by a interference of the first with the a part of the second.

Weights and dimensions

The total length of the Sigalsub Kenobi knife is 17.5 cm, while the blade is 7 cm long. The weight of the Kenobi is 80 grams, while the sheath weighs 35 grams, for total 105 grams.


Design and materials

Another offer among the new Sigalsub knives is the Razor. It has a durable and corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel blade. The latter has a double-sided cutting edge with one side smooth straight edge and a partial serrated side edge. The handle is made of glass loaded Nylon. As on the Kenobi, on the Razor the shaft unlock and straightening systems are present. We consider these systems key for a spearfishing knife, while they not particularly needed for a freediving solution. The blade is in glossy steel, while the handle is black with red inserts, the latter working as retaining system to the folder.

Sigalsub Razor knife

The sheath

The sheath is a very simple glass loaded Nylon V shaped element in black color. The connection knife to sheath is obtained through a fast release system. The latter works thanks to a couple of slim red glass loaded Nylon levers. These release the knife from the folder when pressed. On the other hand when the Razor is inserted in the sheath they simply close and open again thanks to an spring system. When the levers are in the open position the knife is well stuck in the sheath.

Weights and dimensions

The Sigalsub Razor is a compact knife mainly adapt to be used on the arm, but of course it can be positioned also on the calf or weight belt. The total length of the knife is 18 cm, while the blade is 8.5 cm long. The overall weight of the Sigalsub Razor including the sheath is 75 grams, while the knife only weighs 50 grams.