The new model of computer watch iDive Free from Ratio is distributed worldwide by Salvimar.

Born mainly for freediving and spearfishing, the new 100% Italian computer watch is also complete with ARA functions, such as decompresion tables.

The iDive Free is complete with all the most commont functions in computer watches for feediving and spearfishing. The Ratio watch has quite big case and quadrant, where the case is fully machined in 316 stainless steel, which gives the watch a solid and rather technological lokk, even though for some it might feel a little heavy (128 grams), while others, indeed, like the more “important” feel on the wrist. The wide quadrant is made of scratch resistant sapphire. Adjustable depth alarms are available, as today in almost all quality computer watches.

Everything to avoid Taravana

Particularli interesting on the iDive Free are the functions which permit to regulate in 10 different levels the algorithm that calculates surface the recovery time. Value 1 refers to base recovery time to avoid Taravana, with a value that is double diving time. Compared to other computer watches, the iDive Free does not simply calculate surface recovery time needed between two dives, just taking into consideration the first dive, but can be set to consider the kind of dive just performed (for example a dive of descent and ascent, without stop at the bottom, as in freediving, or a descent, stop at the bottom, and ascent, just as in spearfishing, when nitrogen is accumulated in greater quantities). The analysis of the dives is also taken into account to calculate the necessity to rehydrate, where at each indication of the iDive Free one should drink at least the equivalent of a glass of water.

A specific algorithm for the control of Taravana, function that records each single dive and calculates minimum recovery time between each dive, is extremely useful for freedivers and spearos. Through a dark band on the quadrant, the computer indicates the recovery time before each dive. Calculation is done taking into account all the previous dives, even the ones performed in the previous days. Moreover, before a deep dive, one can preset depth so that the compuetr will calulate the warm up dive to perform, and the recovery time before the main dive at maximum depth.

Another key element is the rechargeable battery, as, for example, on Omer OMR-1, Scubapro SP2 and Umberto Pelizzari UP-X1 R. battery has a 10 years warrenty, and is charged through a wire connected to the USB port. The same cable is also used to download data on the PC, for ach single dive: surface and max depth water temperature, medium temperature, max depth and avarage depth of the session.

In addition, another important function is the ascent and descent speed, a function present, for example, also on Smart Apnea by Mares. A graph with all this information is visible on PC, while a simplified and reduced version is also present on the quadrant of the watch.

Max depth is equal to 220 meters. Othe important functions out of water are: the compass, the height, the barometers, external temperature and even weather forecast.

You can find additional information on iDive Free on Salvimar website, download the catalogue and reading page 24. Indicative list price is 600€, naturally waiting for som discount!

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