So many models, so much offer, but how are they made, which is the best choice? Weight, materials, design, technical solutions, colors, dimensionswhich is the best spearfishing knife for us among the new models offered for 2021? This dossier shows the best, simply choose the one you prefer…and soon the super test on cutting and rusting characteristics!!!

Below the x-rayed knives of the dossier, simply click on the name to read all details!!!

Cressi Killer

Cressi Vigo 

Cressi Borg

C4 Naifu & Naifu S

Mares Hero Polygon & Hero Polygon S

Salvimar Predathor

Salvimar ST Blade & ST Atlantis

Salvimar Goemon

Salvimar Ares 

Salvimar Saver 

Titanall T-Blade & Fish-cut