Beuchat quick release harness

One of the most interesting harnesses on the market is the Beuchat quick release harness. It puts together an excellent choice of materials, the quickest release system for the harness, and good safety optionals.

Weights and pockets


The Beuchat quick release harness has six pockets. These are positioned all along the back and laterally to the dorsal spine. The higher four are smaller for maximum one kilo weights, so the lower ones can reach two kilos. This is evidently done to obtain a better comfort, avoiding too much wait on the higher part of the back of the spearfisherman. They are designed using a nylon texture and a neoprene overlayer which works as closure. 


The weights suggested by Beuchat are the lead shots weights of 1 or 2 kg, for maximum 8 kgThis definitely permits more comfort when wearing the Beuchat harness as the lead shots weights adapt to the body of the spearfisherman. Still, also traditional square belt weights can be utilized.

Materials and size


The Beuchat quick release harness has in the materials used great intelligence. The harness is in fact mainly made with nylon. This is an incredibly simple and intelligent solution at the same time. Nylon is very thin and resistant, meaning it does not float at all, and also it does not soak, so dries quickly. Two aspects of extreme importance. As nylon is somehow rigid, in the key areas where the Beuchat quick release harness needs to adapt better to the body of the spearfisherman, neoprene is used. These areas are the two straps on the shoulders and the two straps that go below the shoulders and connect to the first ones with nylon clips.


The Beuchat quick release harness is made in one single size, with two adjustable nylon straps connected to the neoprene parts. This is quite a traditional solution and permits to adjust to any body. As the nylon straps are quite long, to obtain the best fit and comfort one needs to take care they are flat and not rotated.

Wearing and releasing


The best system to wear the Beuchat quick release harness is to set the harness with the lateral clips closed. In this way the two bands can go around the shoulders (phase 1). Once this is done, the harness could already be used. Still, there is an additional step (phase 2) to set it for the best quick-release solution!


Here we have the quickest release system on the market, which is exactly the same solution utilized by Epsealon. Once the Beuchat quick release harness is worn, the lateral clips are released and connected back together at the centre of the chest. With this setup, the harness is well adherent to the body of the spearfisherman. To quickly release the harness the diver can simply, using just one hand, release the central clip and the harness will immediately fall off the body with no obstruction. An excellent solution. The Beuchat quick release harness is complete with a back clip to connect it to the weight belt. The clip is cleverly made so that it holds down the harness when the diver is upside down, but when the diver is moving towards the surface, head up, and acts on the quick release system, the harness comes off and the nylon line linked to the clip disconnects from the latter and from the belt.

Beuchat quick release harness belt connection clip with fast release

Additional elements

All these excellent choices of materials and quick-release system, do not end the long line of pluses of the Beuchat quick release harness. This product is in fact also, in addition to black, offered in camouflage colour (X-Ray Camo), or with orange camo and a specific white image showing a Marlin inside a white circle. This last solution is the Spot version and is excellent for safety both at the surface, thanks to the orange colour, but mostly when underwater. The white colour is indeed visible deep down, especially if the seafloor is a dark colour (if visible, else simply the dark blu of the deepwater), and anyway it will appear evidently compared to the dark colour of the wetsuit.

Not only. The Beuchat quick release harness is equipped with a professional whistle (no ball that can get stuch), and small passages for the positioning of a compact knife.