A great tool to make sea cleaning natural

Well done Beuchat! Finally a tool, the Beuchat Clean-up bag, to help cleaning the sea from plastic and waste. It is not a matter of going to sea and cleaning large areas of the sea or taking out massive objects as it sometimes happens. It is a way to be at sea, spearfishing (or freediving or scuba diving) and while taking from the sea some fish to eat, returning to the sea the favor taking each time away some waste, in particular plastic.

Think if every spearo in the world, each diver in the world, could put some effort in doing this every time he/she is at sea. Millions of sea passionate divers, spearfisherwomen and spearfishermen, going to sea many times a year all together could really make a big difference in cleaning the sea from plastic and waste, so harmful for the environment and sea life.

Beuchat Clean-up bag


Made of materials resistant to sea water, sun and tear, the Beuchat Clean-up bag is a fabric and mesh bag. It is mainly made of water proof texture, a polymer net and plastic texture straps. The various parts are very resistant to tear and atmospheric agents, and also dry up quickly.

The passage to insert the waste with one’s hand has a double lined neoprene “sleeve”. The lateral opening of the net sac where the waste is inserted is designed with a high quality 100% polymer zip. This, evidently, is the best way to avoid oxidation and blocking in time.

Dimensions and weight

The Beuchat Clean-up bag is 37 cm high in its maximum value, and 34 cm wide at the most. The bag weighs 330 grams, that in the water are practically not felt as the buoyancy is almost neutral.


Carefully designed to work properly and be extremely comfortable to the diver, the Beuchat Clean-up bag is a high quality solution. The “bag” is complete with two straps adjustable with buckles. One goes around the waist of the diver and the other around the right thigh. This solution keeps the bag tight close to the body. In such way it does not interfere with the dive and spearfishing action.

The top of the bag has a cover releasable with a Velcro strap. As anticipated, the opening of the bag to insert the waste is made with an 11 cm diameter double lined neoprene sleeve. Here the hand of the diver can be inserted completely and easily, even large hands with gloves. The shape of the sleeve permits to insert waste, but does not permit it to come out again.

The container bag is designed with a resistant plastic net which holds the waste but releases the water. It is a folded solution with a flat shape when empty. The bag can though increase its volume to store more waste. For such reason, in the inferior part the container back is connected to the main structure of the Beuchat Clean-up bag with another Velcro. This can be released to increase the internal volume.

Laterally to the container bag there is a high quality 22 cm long zip to extract the waste easily.