World Première at the Boat & Fishing Show 2023 in Athens by Pathos, with the new line of spearguns. Thanks to the experience of Angelos Michalopoulos, owner and mind of Pathos, and the World Champion Giacomo De Mola, a new line of spearguns is born. 6 speaguns, of Saragos & Laser Evo line, have been shown and presented for the first time ever at the Greek show. These are the Saragos line with the Saragos Evo, Saragos Evo Pro and Saragos Evo Carbon, and the Laser line with the Laser Evo, Laser Evo Pro and Laser Evo Carbon.

Angelos Michalopoulos, founder and mind of Pathos, and Carlo Forni, founder and Editor in Chief of Apneapassion, discussing about the new Evo line

So many new components

The names are still Saragos and Laser, two spearguns that have made history and have conquered the international market. The new elements of the Evo versions are though many.

Release mechanism

The release mechanism is new and much smoother than the previous. The release line lever is now in the more traditional lateral position, compared to the previous classic Pathos top pin. The lateral lever is well designed to keep safely in position the monofilament.

New D’Angelo II handle

The handle is the already presented new D’Angelo II with longer chest support. Its extension is thinner. This permits to position the hand and the index even more in line with shaft and elastic bands. Such aspect improves the aim, especially in fast short.


The barrel is new with an open track solution which though keeps very well in position the shaft. This helps a lot during the loading phase, gives more precision to the shot, and permits to use any diameter shaft. The shaft guide gives more rigidity to the barrel. In addition, special rails generate a water pillow when the shaft is released. The friction is so highly reduced and power increased.


The muzzles are also new and are in two versions, single and double hole for the passage of the elastic bands. The design is extremely compact and slim. The profile of the holes determine a position of the elastic bands perfectly parallel to the shaft with no contact with the barrel. This determines good improvement of the efficiency of the shot and no loss of power.


All 6 spearguns are available in all the lengths from 60 to 120 cm. The Saragos are set with a lighter tuning, utilizing shafts of 6.25 and 6.50 mm of diameter. Elastic bands are 16 mm mono and 14 mm double circulars. The Laser utilizes heavier setups, with shafts of 6.50 and 6.75 mm diameter, with 18 mm mono and 14 mm double elastic bands. All shafts are with shark fins.