After quite some time thay Pathos has not renewed its very complete spearguns line, here is the World Premiere of the 2023 D’Angelo II handle.

First, a longer and wider chest support for easier loading, clearly visible by the view from above in the photo.

Secondarily, or primarily depending on one’s point of view, the alignment between the hand and the shaft is improved even more. The distance from the index finger and the shaft axle is now reduced to the minimum. Also, the positioning of the hand is now optimized. So the shot can be more precise than ever.

Finally, an improvement in the white grip cover connection to the handle. Here four small notches have been added to better keep the cover in place. Finally a new safety button which locks the trigger mechanically.

The fantastic Pathos Saragos, Laser and Laser Carbon have now a new even more effective handle.

We will soon present with a deeper analysis in our X-Rays column the new upgraded Pathos D’Angelo II handle. Stay tuned!!!