Oscar Cervantes’ goodbye to Omer

Oscar Cervantes Riera says goodbye to Omer through his Facebook page. “Thanks to Omersub for all this time of trust and support. Unfortunately, I have to report that our career paths are parting ways. After these seasons I am no longer part of Team Omer.

I want to take the opportunity to thank you again for everything you have done for me and what we have achieved together, especially Rubén Marco Martinez, for your availability and support towards my person and the projection of my career. Now, my mind is on new projects and goals.”

Oscar Cervantes Riera at the time of sponsorship by Omer

This is the message by the great Spanish Champion from Ibiza, Oscar Cervantes Riera, leaving Omer to move to the dynamic and fast growing C4 Carbon. The choice is evident moving to a company, C4 Carbon, that is strongly investing to widen its range from pure carbon fiber products to high quality ones that are beyond such material. The leadership by C4 Carbon in the fins sector, for example, today goes beyond carbon fiber, where they have won the Best Choice by Apneapassion with the fantastic new MB 002 manufactured with the revolutionary hydroforming technology. Also the C4 Umberto Pelizzari have set new standards in the long polymer blade fins, also winning the Best Choice in their category. Wetsuits and masks are also today introduced in the C4 Carbon product line.

Oscar Cervantes Riera with the new C4 Carbon "colours"

Interview to Oscar

Nuhazer Moreno Castillo, our Spanish correspondant, has interviews Cervantes after the official communication by C4 Carbon of the acquisition of the Spanish Champion. A fact, this, that we already new since a few days.

Nuhazer Moreno Castillo: What does it mean to belong to C4 and what is C4 from your point of view and thinking as a brand?

Oscar Cervantes Riera: For me it is the best spearfishing brand of the moment and the best of all is that it supports competitions.

NMC: Have you tried some C4 products well already? If so, which ones do you like the most and why?

OCR: The truth is that all the material by C4 looks very good, but at the moment what I have tried well are the new MB001 fins, and they are incredible! The Mr Carbon 2.0 speargun is a very precise speargun, the wetsuits are very comfortable and very warm.

NMC: When will we see you again in the competitions after this year of stop?

OCR: Next year I hope to be in all of them… the Semana Master in Palma in January, an incredible competition I love to be in, the 2024 CMAS Euro-African Spearfishing Champion in Turkey. I would really love to…

NMC: What is your favourite spearfishing technique?

OCR: I like very much the aspetto and spearfishing on the holes.

NMC: Can you tell us a “secret” when you practice these techniques to tell it to our readers?

OCR: It is complicated to explain how I do it. It is something that comes naturally to me. I can say that in the aspetto technique the most important thing is to know where to position yourself.