Apneapassion has created the Award & Best Choice prizes. The Award selects the best spearfishing and Apnea product of the year among all categories. The Best Choice indicates the best product on the market, even launched in previous years, as long as it is still for sale, in its category. The evaluation is made on the basis of technology and performance versus price. The 2023 categories are 11: polymer blade fins, composite material blade fins, speargun below 100€, spearguns between 100 and 200€, spearguns above 200€, Invert-Roller spearguns, pneumatic spearguns, spearfishing wetsuits, apnea indoor wetsuits, torches, accessories. Let’s recap the final results with the Award & Best Choice Winners and see which are, and why, the selected winners of the Award 2023 and the Best Choice 2023 in their category.

Award 2023

Salvimar Ares (also winner of the Best Choice in the spearguns between 100-200€ category)

Best Choice

Picasso Cobra Rail: Spearguns below 100€ category (Finalists also Pathos Alma and Cressi Comanche Rail)

Salvimar Ares: Spearguns between 100-200€ category (Finalists also Pathos Saragos EVO Pro and Sigalsub Nemesis Pro)

Silgasub Nemesis Carbon: Spearguns above 200€ category (Finalists also Salvimar Hero and Cressi Cherokee Power)

Sigalsub Nemesis HT: Spearguns in the Invert-Roller category (Finalists also Salvimar Tomahawk and Picasso Magnum BW Carbon Invert Roller)

Salvimar Predathor Vuoto: Pneumatic spearguns category (Finalists also Mares Cyrano 1.1 and Seac Asso C/R)

C4 Umberto Pelizzari: Polymer blade fins category (Finalists also Mares X-Wing and H.Dessault Maxx)

C4 MB002: Composite material blade fins category (Finalists also Cressi Gara Turbo Carbon Camo and C4 S-990)

Beuchat Espadon Prestige & Cressi Seppia: ex equao in the Spearfishing wetsuits category (Finalists also Seac Snake and Mares Illusion Brown)

Beuchat Zento: Apnea Indoor category (Finalists also Salvimar Zeero Thermo and C4 Sideral)

Cressi King: Freediving & Spearfishing Computer Watches category (Finalists also Seac Apnea HR and Salvimar Freedive)

Cressi Lumia: Spearfishing Torches category (Finalists also Salvimar Galactika and Mares EOS Beam)

Subea SPF 900 backpack buoy: Accessories category (Finalists also Cressi Piovra XL backpack and Salvimar Poncho)

The Best Choice by Apneapassion evaluation

Apneapassion underlines that the Award & Best Choice are fully independent prizes, assigned after deep testing by the 9 athletes of the Apneapassion International Official team. The results of the Award & Best Choice do not want to be indisputable opinions, as personal preferences and adaptations to each product can determine different opinions and likes. Still, the use of a large number of independent athletes (who’s sponsor is only Apneapassion) permits to give spearfishing and freediving enthusiasts our best possible evaluation of each winner. We are open to any company who would want to participate with its most competitive products to the Best Choice by Apneapassion yearly prize. For any additional information contact carlo.forni@apneapassion.com.