Winter and unclear water is present in most of the Mediterranean sea, but also in other parts of temperated climate coasts, and mostly shallow water spearfishing is practiced, where a short, light and easy to brandish speargun is definitely the best option. The Beuchat Hero Carbon 75 can fro sure be an excellent option and, after having already tested the Beuchat Hero 80 with Massimo De Pascalis, we have decided to go for the upgraded version in carbon fiber. 

The Beuchat Hero Carbon 75, one of the most recent spearguns by Beuchat, is part of the 5 different versions of the new Hero family: Hero, Hero Carbon, Hero Camo, Hero Open and hero Revo Concept.

Beuchat Hero Carbon


Light and with a great balance in the water thanks to its 100% pre-preg carbon fiber cuttlefish bone shaped barrel, the Beuchat Hero Carbon 75 is slightly heavier on the side of the handle compared to the tip in the standard setting with a 6.5 mm diameter tahitian shaft and one 16 mm diameter singular Beuchat Megatonne elastic band. This is definitely a good solution as when moving around the rocks looking for fish in the ambush – “agguato” technique, you will not feel any weight at the tip of the speargun and your arm and hand will not get tired. Definitely an upgrade and an improvement compared to the Beuchat Hero 80 tested by Massimo De Pascalis, which instead was negative at the tip (muzzle side). 


The lightness of the 100% pre-preg carbon fiber barrel and its cuttlefish bone shape make the Beuchat Hero Carbon 75 extremely easy to brandish even with rough sea and some current. The extremely slim design of the muzzle with also various passing holes to reduce weight are an additional help to manouver the speargun in the water. Well dimensioned protuberances of the muzzle help, even with wavy sea and turbid water, to position the monofilament easily and keep it well in place. The length 75 is great for wavy sea, some current and quick and precice shots. The symmetrical only slightly preformed grip is also great for the “agguato”-ambush technique of spearfishing in the fish dens. 

Elastic band

Powerful and with a great progression, the Beuchat Megatonne single circular rubber band may be lacking only slightly some reactivity, but this matches well with a light speargun that needs minimum recoil. One single elastic band is enough for the needs of this kind of spearfishing action, and makes everything easy and manageable also with rough sea, even though a second rubber band can be added.


The great balance, integrated shaft guide, low recoil and lightness of the Beuchat Hero Carbon determine an amazing precision of the shot. Still, the extreme lightness requires a firm arm and hand in the moment of the shot, as any current, wave, of even small recoil can move the speargun.

Final cosiderations

We have found in the Beuchat Hero Carbon 75 an excellent speargun for fishing in shallow and low visibility water, especially in the ambush – “agguato” technique. The Megatonne rubber band is great, but someone could like some more reactivity still having to accept a little more recoil. Longer versions of this great speargun are available, up to 110 cm, where the carbon fiber barrel should surely help to support the load, but still a dedicated test is needed to verify all the functionalities, including the behaviour of the release mechanism with greater loads, and the precision of the shot/recoil in such conditions. The Beuchat Hero Carbon is definitely an important upgrade of the “standard” Beuchat Hero with aluminium barrel, and can justify a cost which significantly higher (280 € vs 175 €, indicatively).