Many companies offer various bags and backpacks to carry diving and spearfishing equipment. Key in such products is the quality of the materials, bondings, and stitchings, and so the durability, and of course, the capacity to store and carry equipment. Let’s see what Sigalsub, the Italian company famous for its shafts and rubber bands, and that recently hit the market with the extremely successful Nemesis sling speargun, has to offer. We present here all details of the Sigalsub Free and Trek.

Free backpack

A nice solution to comfortably carry spearfishing equipment, the Sigalsub Free is a big dimension backpack with extremely high capacity and also watertight pockets.


With a very attractive design, and is offered in black or emerald colors, the white Sigalsub logo, and special tribal-like signs. The backpack has an internal volume of up to 90 liters. The height is 108 cm, the width 52 cm, while the base is 40 cm wide and 20 cm deep.

Materials and bondings

The Sigalsub Free is made of resistant texture covered with PVC on both sides for a totally waterproof solution. The bondings, obtained with thermal process, appear extremely neat and well crafted. All additional elements are in strong Nylon straps. These are stitched to the PVC elements which are bonded to the main sac. This aspect is key to avoid the PVC of the backpack to tear.

Watertight solutions

The watertight seal of the Sigalsub Free is obtained in the main body by the classic and reliable rolling solution. This implies the closure of the backpack edged with a thick Nylon strap and clips at its ends. The edge is rolled along the upper part of the backpack generating a water seal closure. Finally, it is curved joining the clips.

In addition, a very useful lateral pocket is available with its watertight zip. Such solution, which measure 28 cm x 20 cm, can work well to store small objects which absolutely need to be kept dry. Considering that sometimes your spearfishing equipment can still be humid from previous utilization, the main storage cannot be used for such objects. Moreover, the lateral pocket is easy to reach. A mobile phone, your documents or wallet, can be stored in suck pocket. This is true even when moving with the boat and risking to be hit by waves.

Carrying capacity

With its up to 90 liters of internal volume, the Sigalsub Free is a voluminous backpack that can contain all spearfishing equipment. Even a very thick wetsuit, plus gloves, socks, mask and snorkel, torch and more, can absolutely be stored in this roomy backpack. Also, the height of 108 cm permits to store also long blade fins, and this is key!

Additional key elements for spearfishermen are the rubber bands covered with Nylon present on both sides of the Sigalsub Free. These seem to be resistant enough not to deform and lose their elasticity in time. The clip with spring that permits the adjustment of the length of the elastic bands also seems strong and keeps its position once locked. With 2 of such elastic bands on each side of the backpack, even long spearguns can be positioned and well kept in place.

Transport possibilities

Transport possibilities are a plus of the Sigalsub Free backpack. In fact, first of all it has the traditional straps. These are stuffed for greater comfort. Additionally, the part of the packpack adhering the most to the back of the spearo, meaning the upper part, is also well stuffed to obtain a soft pad pressing on the back. The straps are adjustable in many different ways and can also be disengaged in the lower connect. This permits eventually to wear the backpack on one shoulder and then position the second strap without difficult “contortions”. Frontally, additional straps can be connected on the chest of the spearo to better stabilize the backpack. These are also adjustable in length and height.

The Sigalsub Free has also additional important elements that permit easy carrying. In fact, two handles are present. One is a small Nylon strap solution on the top of the backpack, centrally between the carrying straps. This is thought to simply grab the Sigalsub Free and reposition it a few meters away. A more complete and bigger handle, covered with a neat hard rubber structure, is positioned laterally. This solution permits to carry the Sigalsub Free horizontally with a good grab.

Trek bag

A more traditional solution is the Sigalsub Trek bag. The Sigalsub Free and Trek are together a very complete offer of large capacity bags. This roomy bag is made of the same materials, texture with PVC cover on the two sides and Nylon straps, and manufacturing solutions, such as thermal bondings, as the Sigalsub Free. Colours available are black and orange or emerald and black.

Dimensions and volume

The Sigalsub Trek bag measures 92 cm in length, 43 cm in width, and 24 high. The total volume of this bag is indicated equal to 114 liters.

Watertight solutions

The Sigasub Trek bag in not totally watertight, as the upper zip does not have the capacity to seal the bag. Still there is an additional cover that can be laid on the upper part of the bag to protect from splashes. A watertight pocket, just as for the Sigalsub Free (28 x 20 cm), is present internally. Here one can store documents, wallet, phone and other small objects that need to be kept dry.

Carrying capacity

With its 114 liters of internal volume the Sigalsub Trek bag has more storing capacity than the Sigalsub Free. The length of “only” 92 cm is not at all a problem with fins, as these are easily positioned under the cover that can than be closed quickly with Velcro traps, and more safely with Nylon covered elastic bands. Also spearguns can be positioned under such cover.

Transport possibilities

The Sigalsub Trek bag can be carried on ones’ shoulder thanks to the two long handles. Also, two well refined rubber covered handles are on the two sides of the bag. This permits also to carry heavy equipment in two people, one per side.

Water release plug

An additional useful feature of the Sigalsub Trek bag, which is not present on the Sigalsub Free, is the water release plug at the base. This evidently permits to fill the bag with fresh water to wash the equipment easily and efficiently and then let all the water out opening the plug.


Sigalsub Trek and Free bags

The Sigalsub Free and Trek bags appear of really bigh quality. The Free is particularly useful for those who need to carry all their equipment for long distances. They evidently need to have a comfortable backpack where all their spearfishing equipment can be stored and carried. The Sigalsub Trek is a more traditional bag that can store all the equipment which can be put in and taken out more easily compared to the Free. The Trek is though less comfortable for carrying equipment for long distances. It is surely great for those who also have a boat to move around.