Simple and super compact, the Salvimar Predathor knife is definitely the most compact on the market, still with space for some interesting solutions.

Salvimar Predathor color range of handles and sheaths


Salvimar Predathor knives line in sheaths
Symmetrical, slightly anatomical, made of 30% glass loaded Nylon, of 6 different colors (wow!), Midnight Blue, Military Green, White, Red, Orange and Acid Green, with the length of 85 mm, the handle of the Salvimar Predathor is definitely compact, an aspect that could make the grip a little weak, still Salvimar has designed a fish scales like surface that is perfect to help extract the knife from the sheath. Thickness is 12 mm and width 20 mm.
Salvimar Predathor handle color range


The Salvimar Predathor has a very compact blade (70 x 20 x 2 mm) made of 420 B tempered stainless steel, with one side having the standard blade and one with a constant toothed blade.

Salvimar Predathor blades

The blade of the Salvimar Predathor has a spear point tip, that is though, like all the Salvimar knives, sharp only on one side to distinguish it from weapons.


Salvimar Predathor sheaths are also multicolor

The sheat is also extremely compact and offered in Black, Midnight Blue and Military Green. Its material is, as the handle, 30% glass loaded Nylon. The locking system between knife and sheath is obtained by the elastic action of a clip present of the sheath itself. The best way to unlock the system is to pull the knife from the handle, but also slightly lift it from the sheath to help release it.

Salvimar Predathor sheaths locking clips

The sheath has a single passage for an elastic strap, which well adapts to the arm and is sold separately to the knife. The Salvimar Predathor is primarily indicated for use on the arm, thanks to its great compactness and lightness, worn upside down, with the handle towards the hand, so that the insertion and extraction from the sheath are more natural and easy. Still, the use on the belt is possible, and Massimo Quattrone, Product Manager in Salvimar, underlines how the knife on the belt must be positioned on top of one of the weights and not laterally (it is definitely easier to by found with the hand and saves space when the belt is set with many weights). For such reason, the sheath of the Salvimar Predathor has the passages for the belt of the same width as the passages on standard 1 kg weights.

For the technical data sheet of the Salvimar Predathor click here