The Salvimar Hero was and still is a real revolution, exact expression of a company, Salvimar, that puts together the quality of Made in Italy with an extreme orientation to advanced development. 

Handle and release mechanism

The handle is in 30% glass loaded Nylon, beautifully designed with a very robust design, including the hilt, that orientates the Salvimar Hero towards a use more indicated for powerful and long shots, and big preys. Aligned with this concept is the extremely anatomical design of the grip, where an acid green insert in Thermo rubber gives the shape that adapts to the hand. The insert can be chosen left or right and is definitely perfect for aspetto, but not for quick movements and actions in the lair. The handle is one piece also with the chest support, that has an anti-skid Thermo rubber cover.

The 100% 316L stainless steel Heavy Metal 350 release mechanism has very important dimensions, in every single component, from the box walls to the release tooth, to the trigger, to the lateral line release lever, that permit, together with the internal wheel on the release tooth, to support extremely high loads, still determining some weight increase. The wheel on the release tooth helps to obtain a smoother shot and avoid wearing the components that come into contact. The trigger is made with MIM, micro injection molding, technology, obtaining an amazing design, and it is complete with a regulating Allen screw. The ring at the base of the grip is also in steel.

The frontal part of the handle is complete with two small wings to position the monofilament away from the line of aim. The safety system is turned on and off by a sliding button only slightly perceivable with the palm of the hand. 

Salvimar Hero one-piece handle with right-hander anatomical grip


Salvimar Hero with Heavy Metal 350 release mechanism


This is most probably one of the most revolutionary parts of the Salvimar Hero. With an elliptical section and a central inferior part thickened to increase stiffness, the barrel additionally grows its rigidity thanks to I section nylon inserts all along its internal length. The greater bouncy given by the elliptical section of the barrel is additionally increased by the handle to the barrel and the muzzle to barrel connection. They in fact utilize very particular elliptical O-rings, specially designed by Salvimar to seal as much air as possible without using plugs. Another interesting solution is the open track shaft guide, made of various segments of Teflon loaded Nylon to reduce friction. Lengths available are many, thanks to the modular design of many components: 65, 75, 85, 95, 105, 115, 125 and 135.

Salvimar Hero elliptical barrel with Teflon loaded Nylon

Muzzle and elastic bands

Evidently, with an elliptical section, the muzzle is an open version in 30% glass loaded Nylon, with big dimension protuberances for the best positioning of the monofilament. The passage for the circular elastic bands is one single hole that can host up to 3 16 mm bands. The standard setup of the Salvimar Hero sees two 16 mm diameter circular elastic bands on 65, 75, 85, 95, 105 and 115 lengths, and three 14 mm diameter bands for 125 and 135 cm lengths. 

Salvimar Hero muzzle and double 16 mm circular elastic bands


Salvimar Hero muzzle and double 16 mm circular elastic bands inferior view

Shaft and reel

The Salvimar shaft is amazingly neet with 3 laser-welded shark fins, 17-4PH Inox and inferior barb with a scaled profile for greater resistance. Diameter is equal to 7 mm for lengths from 65 to 95, 7.5 mm from 105 to 115, and 8.0 mm from 125 to 135 mm. The reel is included with the Salvimar Hero, and is the Mini 50 from 65 to 85, and the Max reel for greater lengths. 

For the complete data chart of the Salvimar Hero 85 click here.

The list price of the Salvimar Hero is 277 € (VAT included) including the reel.