The red version of the Omer “Stone” wetsuits line has been launched on the market last year when the “red” camouflage has become a trend being considered particularly mimetic in the water. Externally lined neoprene, the Omer Red Stone is extremely refined with top-of-the-line solutions.

Materials and protections

The Omer Red Stone is made with Sheico L foam neoprene with a Nylon lining colored with red camo solution. The camouflage is also combined with darker areas that increase the image breakdown effect. 

Protections are on the chest and on the knees, with printed anti-slip and anti-wear material. The chest has a 3 mm externally lined neoprene patch positioned on the external surface of the jacket. 

Finishings and cuts

Face profile, wrists and ankles are finished with the top quality folded externally smooth and internally lined neoprene to improve sealing and thermal insulation. This also permits to have no internal seam on the chin, obtaining better comfort in such area. 

The rear of the jacket is one single sheet of neoprene, while the underarm area has the classic (small) rhomboidal piece of neoprene to improve the movement of the arms. The cap has internally lined areas in the position of the ears to avoid the annoying sucker effect, a very useful solution. Also, two small holes in the top of the cap permit air bubbles trapped in the suit to exit with an additional comfort effect.

The beaver tail is lined also internally, while the lower part of the jacket is in open-cell neoprene internally, except for the area of the two clips for the closure. 

The high waist pants measure 44 cm at the front and 49 cm at the rear, and they are complete with useful double Nylon bands to comfortably hang the pants also for drying. 

Pants and jacket are also sold separately and are available in 3, 5 and 7 mm thicknesses. 

Special solutions

Double Nylon bands for the pants, anti-sucker solution at the ears and air exiting holes in the cap are up-level finishings. The red camouflage has the advantage to be well seen at the surface, with a safety effect, while it becomes brown after the first few meters underwater, which determines a great camouflage solution.

Plus & Minus


  • Many top-level solutions
  • Good protections
  • Top-level finishings


  • Fully lined external neoprene dries slowly and is cold when wet out of water

For the full technical data chart of the Omer Red Stone click here.