Beautifully designed with a very neat foot-pocket, the Beuchat Libeccio Sport polymer blade fins are really a very high quality product. They are a great choice for affordable freediving and spearfishing fins to be used within the first 15-20 meters of depth.


Beuchat Libeccio Sport fins

Design and connection to the blade

The Beuchat “comfort” footpocket is an extremely advanced solution. The lateral rails are short, but not as much as some other new solutions on the market. In fact the measure 20 cm. They perfectly adapt to the polymer blade thanks to the small section, that also does not interfere too much with the action of the blade. The connection footpocket to blade is the traditional one with double screws and lateral clips. The mounting and dismounting is easy thanks to a very well designed and manufactured system.

Beuchat Libeccio Sport fins comfort footpocket

Two materials

The key aspect of the Beuchat “comfort” footpocket is the great design with two different hardness elastomers. The black one is softer to improve comfort. It is present on the upper of the footpocket and on the heel. The red elastomer is harder to improve force transmission from the foot to the blade. Such red elastomer is present on the sole of the footpocket and on the lateral rails. At the heel, the last part of the sole, made of the red elastomer, is shaped with a thinner are to permit a smoother transition and flexion from the harder elastomer to the softer one. The final look of the Beuchat “comfort” foot pocket is extremely cool.

Beuchat Libeccio Sport fins


Available sizes of the Beuchat Comfort footpocket are 39/40 – 41/42 – 43/44 – 45/46 – 47/48.



As for all the elements of the Beuchat Libeccio Sport fins, the blades are extremely refined. They are made of a special technopolymer which returns extremely well the elastic force. The blades have two thin lateral nerves in the inferior surface to partially stiffen them. At the tip the blade has a concave shape. The upper and lower surface are very nicely designed with a mix of glossy and matt surface areas. The angle of the blade with the footpocket is 22°.

Water rails

Beuchat Libeccio Sport fins water rails

The lateral water rails are 15 centimeters long and with variable height. They are segmented so they interfere extremely little on the bending of the blade in the area where they are positioned, the tip. Of course the segmenting reduces partially the action of the water rails.

Dimensions and weight

The Beuchat Libeccio Sport polymer blade fins are 93 cm long. The blade is 61 cm long centrally and 63 cm laterally, measuring from the curvature in front of the footpocket, while the maximum width is 20 cm. The weight of the 43-44 size footpocket is 560 grams, not too light, but justified by the great structure and design. The blade weighs 445 grams. The total weight of one fin with 43-44 size footpocket is 1115 grams (AP measures).

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