The Beuchat Hero 2 Carbon is ultra light and manoeuvrable, and extremely stable thanks to its preformed cuttlefish bone shape 100% carbon fiber barrel. The Hero 2 is an upgrade to the already excellent Beuchat Hero Carbon, the carbon solution of the Beuchat Hero. Let’s see all its details and the improvements brought by the French company.

Handle and release mechanism

Beuchat Hero 2 handle with stainless steel mechanism including the hilt

The Hero release mechanism is 100% stainless steel , including trigger, release tooth, box , lateral line release lever and, as a particular feature, the hilt. Stil, the structure is in polyamide loaded with 30% of fiberglass, which permits to have the maximum resistance of the various elements still reducing weight, noise and friction to the minimum. The polyamide loaded with a 30% fiberglass base is well designed with the integrated shaft guide that, thanks to two high edges, perfectly centers the shaft. The system is of the inverted type to be able to shift the point of connection shaft-release tooth as backward as possible for the best efficiency of the shot. Also such system reduces the stiffening of the trigger when the speargun is heavily loaded with strong elastic bands. The steel lateral line release lever can be switched left or right.

Beuchat Hero handle with stainless steel mechanism with glass loaded Nylon base

The handle is in polyamide loaded with 30% of fiberglass, and so is the chest support, which is detachable simply by pulling out a pin, and is hallow in the central part for weight reduction. The handle is complete with two small refined lateral wings to position the monofilament out of the way.

The grip is anatomical but also symmetrical, so adequate for left and right-handers. The cover is in a special elastomer, which is now white and not fucsia anymore. The new color is much more visible in the water to be able to identify the speargun at any time, even from the surface when the Hero 2 is at the sea bottom. The safety lock of the trigger is small and not too well perceivable wearing thick neoprene gloves. 


Made of 100% pre-preg carbon fiber, and shaped with a top solution as the cuttlefish bone, the barrel of the Beuchat Hero Carbon indicates a top of the line solution. The open track shaft guide is integrated with the barrel with an extremely neat final result, where the two rails are high and well defined, helping to have a small area of contact between rail and shaft and reduced friction. The elliptical section in the center of the barrel measures 38 x 28 mm. Beuchat has worked on the buoyancy of the new Hero 2 making it even more neutral for ease of use and precision in the shot. Available lengths are 75, 90, 100 and 110 cm.

Beuchat Hero Carbon – pre-preg carbon fiber cuttlefish bone barrel

Muzzle and elastic bands

The standard setup is with a single circular 16mm diameter fast-loading MEGATONNE Red power band, but indeed the open muzzle can load two circulars. The two holes for the passage of the two circular elastic bands permit to insert and extract them without opening the Spectra line wishbone. The design of the muzzle is extremely slim, and various holes determine a weight reduction and a nice design. Well dimensioned protuberances indicate that the monofilament will definitely stay in place. 

Beuchat Hero 2 Carbon muzzle & 16 mm circular Megatonne power band
Beuchat Hero Carbon muzzle & 16 mm circular Megatonne power band inferior view


The Tahitian shaft is a 6.5 mm diameter, with a single inferior barb, high penetration cone on the tip, which is tricuspid for best performance and resistance. Connection to the wishbone is obtained with three welded shark fins. The monofilament is 1.8 mm of diameter and is connected to a shock absorber.