Beuchat is definitely a strong brand in the spearfishing, freediving and scuba diving masks sector. The Shark mask, with its frameless ultra compact solution, the famous Maxlux and Maxlus S (small) single lens masks, the GP1, with integrated smart cam support, the Mundial and the Strato (in rubber!!!), represent a very complete line. The Beuchat Remora mask is definitely very interesting as it puts together a non frameless solution (dismountable), still managing to offer a mask with extreme compactness and well reduced internal volume.

Construction and compactness

The name clearly refers to the slender marine fish which attaches itself to large fish by means of a sucker on top of the head. Nice idea. The design is the traditional dismountable one, with frame, which is offered in cyan and light red. The shape of the Beuchat Remora is quite compact, with good dimension lenses. Beuchat indicates the internal volume equal to 125 cm3. The general feeling is of a compact mask which is not extreme, to adapt to the needs of beginners and expert divers. The design of the skirt and of the entire mask has been focused on the best comfort and water tightness adapting to the most various different faces. 

The skirt

The skirt is designed with externally matt and internally glossy silicone. This solution avoids light reflexes outside. At the same time, it gives the best sucking effect internally, which is the first objective of the Beuchat Remora. The internal part of the skirt around the lenses shows a step of some millimetres deriving from the dismountable solution. This inevitably generates more distance between the lenses and the eye. It will determine slight loss of field of view and increase in internal volume. 

On the other hand, it insures great comfort, with not risk of eyelashes touching the lenses or the rigid frame pressing on the nose and forehead. So for sure the Beuchat Remora, even though not extreme in some values, has probably its strength in comfort and adaptation to all faces. This is additionally true thanks to a nose profile going up all the way from the tip to the forehead with a good angle, There is no need of steps to adapt to an internal chassis, as it happens instead on the Shark.

Rear strap adjustment and design

The rear strap of the Beuchat Remora is a simple double band solution in glossy silicone. The connection through the buckles is direct on the silicone skirt with the possibility of a three-dimensional movement. The side buckles are extremely compact, with the micrometric adjustment activated lifting a lever. Such solution does not seem to be as intuitive as others. This, when one is already in the water with the mask on the face.

Dimensions and weight

The weight we measured of the Beuchat Remora mask is 155 grams, just as indicated by Beuchat. The lenses are designed with a careful external profile. The upper part follows a curved line with variable radius, while the sides and lower part have three straight sides. The lenses are 55 mm wide and 60 mm high. The rigid frame is 14.9 cm wide and 7.5 cm high. The skirt is 12 cm wide and 9.8 cm high in the center.