Beuchat is one of the leading companies in the spearfishing world, with a special strength in the wetsuits sector, but not only. This year the French company launches the new Beuchat Hammer float. There are many spearfishing floats on the market, but the new Beuchat Hammer is definitely among the most interesting ones.

Dimensions and materials

The first key aspects are the dimensions and materials of the Beuchat Hammer float. Just slightly longer than 100 cm, 64 cm wide and 11 cm thick, the Hammer has very good proportions and dimensions to be used lying on it and finning to move on the sea surface. It is also good to rest a while during the spearfishing action. The good thickness of 11 cm permits a perfect buoyancy of the Beuchat Hammer. This aspect helps positioning objects on the float and generates more comfort for the diver. It also permits much better transfer speed on the water surface.

The material is a rigid dropstitch and bonded PVC assembly give the float excellent rigidity and toughness. Compared to other similar solutions on the market the Beuchat Hammer in addition has an EVA pad for improved comfort during swimming. This solution keeps the diver better connected to the float and avoids the sliding of the wetsuit.

Special systems

The Beuchat Hammer has a number of special features that greatly help comfort and equipment transportation.

Laterally there are thick Nylon texture covered elastic bands, two per side, that easily connect to plastic hook-shaped elements. Such solution permits to connect rapidly and easily one speargun per side.

Centrally, a cross shaped positioning of the same type of resistant elastic band permits to position and keep in place different objects. These can be a mask, or a torch, or even a bottle of water. When transporting the Beuchat Hammer one can also position his fins centrally to avoid having to hold them in his hands when moving on land.

The 22 cm tall plastic fin gives the right stability and direction to the float. It is easily mountable and dismoutable with a small plastic lock key.

The “diver below” orange with white stripe flag has generous dimensions 36 cm high x 40 cm wide). This is a very useful solution to give as much visibility as possible. In addition, the stick that holds the flag is 71 cm tall and in extremely light and thin composite material, which means also extremely resistant. This is a top quality solution compared to the mostly used plastic tube ones.

In addition, it is not positioned frontally but laterally on the float. This is a good solution compared to the standard central one that can be in the way of the diver during the transfers. The only aspect to be careful about is the insertion of the stick in the rubber base on the float. This works fine, but with very strong wind the lock could be insufficient. So it is better to block the stick additionally with some plastic tape. This will make the stick base even thicker and the forcing in the hole tighter.

The red color mainly present on the float is also an additional element of visibility from a boat when the diver is in the water.

Two nice and strong Nylon handles are present at the front of the Beuchat Hammer to help the diver hold to the float.

Three steel rings are positioned under the float. One is at the front centrally and two at the rear laterally. These are great elements to connect the line or any object needed.

The air valve is also at the top side of the Beuchat Hammer, centrally in the frontal side. Recommended pressure is 15 PSi (just over 1 Bar). It is the classic high quality special valve used on dinghies. It permits extremely fast inflation and deflation, a key aspect to easily carry the float around.

Additional optional included

The specific pump for the fast inflation and deflation valve must be bought separately. A solution to this is the special adapter of the valve for a standard pump to be used. A repair kit is available in an plastic orange container.