We have already tested the Mares Force pneumatic speargun at the Apneapassion International Awards Camp 2024, to select the best products on the market. Before we reveal the results of our tests, which we can anticipate have given us amazing indications, here are the very first photos we made and the key information on this new pneumatic speargun, which will hit the market hard.

New Mares Force pneumatic speargun

The 3 key strengths

The new Mares Force, which we will present more deeply very soon, with our X-Rays article and then our Test of the Champion, is really complete in every little detail. But, for sure, three main characteristics make it practically unbeatable on the market.

First, the Vuoto System, which we know ensures much better performance to the shot, is standard on the Mares Force.

Mares Force Vuoto System muzzle

Secondly, the offset barrel is another key element, which helps to have a better alignment of the hand, the eye and the shaft, for best precision.

Mares Force pneumatic speargun offset barrel

Thirdly, another detail to help the aiming phase, is the sight, standard on the top of the handle, and fiber optic on the muzzle, for an additional help during the aiming phase.

Mares Force fiber optic sight

The barrel is 13 mm and the shaft a 7 mm steel single barb solution.

Many other aspects are perfectly designed, from the handle, to the reel, to even the quality Nylon bag and even the rubber cover of the tip of the shaft.