Mares renovates the offer of the Freediving line, with an interesting range of new wetsuits.

An important Group such as Mares, today part of the immense world of Head, present in the fields of skiing, tennis and swimming, wants to lead also in the freediving sector, a niche world, but in good expansion. Already present in the past in such sector, the Italian company from Genoa relaunches its effort with three new wetsuits of different characteristics and thicknesses (1,7, 3,0 and 5,0 mm). For the first time, in addition, Mares introduces in the Pure Instinct line wetsuits completely dedicated to women, with specific characteristics of cut and preforming.

Apnea Infinity 30

The Apnea Infinity 30, of 3 mm thickness, made with shapes and cuts in two versions, men and women, is a one piece wetsuit, with separated cap, thought for Outdoor apnea. Materials and shapes used permit great comfort even in positions of great extension, as when diving in the typical position with arms stretched above the head. This is possible mainly thanks to the internal lining of the neoprene, called Ultrastretch, used in the areas of maximum tension, such as underarms on the side of the thorax, the base of the rear zip, and, to obtain maximum comfort, on the neck and the lateral panels of the separated cap. Compared to traditional linings, the Ultrastretch is modified both in the material and the weaving, to obtain maximum elongation in all directions. Moreover, the neoprene used, characterized by high resistance to tear and squeeze, and also elevated thermal comfort, has a specific superficial treatment, where the external smooth surface is not vulcanized, but made with polyurethane. This solution, says the product manager of Mares pure Instinct, Luca Limongi, determines a much more elastic, wear resistant, and low friction surface. The ease of wear is guaranteed by the internal lining and the rear zip. The wrist and ankle areas are reinforced with sewing, in addition the gluing. Cap is sold separately.

The design of the wetsuit is clearly linked to freediving, with a grey line that goes from the wrists and down to the ankles, running laterally along the athletes body, and becoming a continuous line when the arms are stretched above the head.

Apnea Instinct 17

The Apnea Instinct 17 is made of two separate parts, jacket and trousers, and is the thinnest of the three wetsuits for freediving, with 1.7 mm thick neoprene. Use is indicated for swimming pool (indoor) and for very warm water seas. Also, this model has specifically preformed shape and specific cuts for men and women. The material used is the same innovative neoprene of the Infinity. Trousers have high waist line and the jacket has a clip closing system, double for men and single for women. The adherence of the cap profile to the face is insured by folded neoprene. Design is characterized by white rhombus on a black background.

Apnea Instinct 50

The Apnea Instinct 50 completes the line of wetsuits for freediving, and is a two piece solution that matches the preformed shapes and cuts and the design of the Instinct 17, but is made of lined exterior and open cell interior 5 mm thickness neoprene. The kind of material used, Mares points out, is extremely elastic and resistant to squeezing, even at very high depths during the most challenging dives.

On such wetsuit an important detail has been developed, using thinner neoprene of 3.5 mm on the face contour, under the throat, wrists, ankles and trousers waist, helping wear, especially for women, who generally have less strength in their hands, and whose typical body structure alternates very different dimension circumferences. A typical example is the cap where, during wear, a circumference of the head, equal on average to 56 cm, has to pass through a hole for a neck of 31 cm circumference.

Price lists (without any discounts) are, equal for men and women:

  • Apnea Instinct 50 and 17
  • Jacket: 110€ – Trousers: 85€
  • Apnea Infinity 30: 250€ + 35€ (Cap)