Professional and independent testing

Apneapassion will test and review products at the hydrodynamic flume at Tenerife Top Training Centre. Thanks to the presence in the Apneapassion International Team of undiscussed Champions in the freediving sport, both DYN and CWT, such as world medallist Luciano Morelli and world medallist and record man Michele Tomasi, but also certified Apnea Academy instructors, Apneapassion is today able to test products at a very professional level. These Champions and Athletes are independent of commercial brands and sponsored only by Apneapassion, meaning they always provide true and independent feedback.

Testing at the Canarias centre

The highly technical facilities of Tenerife Top Training Centre, among which the hydrodynamic pool, are a perfect tool to test products most professionally. First fins, but also wetsuits, neck weights, masks and goggles, can be tested in the hydrodynamic pool to analyse performance and hydrodynamic efficiency.

Tenerife Top Training centre
Aerial view of part of the outstanding Tenerife Top Training centre

Carlo Forni, Founder and Director of

Tenerife Top Training represents a centre of excellence and point of reference in the sports world. The facilities present in the structure have caught my attention for the advanced quality and technology.

Pelizzari testing the 2023 Best Choice by Apneapassion winners, the C4 Umberto Pelizzari fins, in the hydrodynamic pool

I thank personally Tenerife Top Training team for their availability to collaborate with Apneapassion, permitting our Champions and Athletes to access the Centre and utilize such unique facilities. This is another important step by Apneapassion, after the agreement with another highly advanced centre such as the Y-40, towards the most professional and independent reviews of freediving equipment. We have already developed important testing at Y-40, especially in CWT, such as the recent analysis of the Cetma Lotus Carbon fins. With Tenerife Top Training we have now a complete testing procedure.

Tenerife Top Training

Tenerife Top Training offers a continuous flume channel where you can perform equipment testing, biomechanical analysis, technical training, rehabilitation sessions, and other types of assessments.

The hydrodynamic flume at Tenerife Top training centre

The flume features a capture system through video, that allows for motion assessment and analysis. The motion detection, combined with video monitoring, provides valuable information about an athlete’s physical fitness, technique, and tactical performance, but also the performance of the equipment used.

What can you use it for?

The hydrodynamic flume allows you to assess and improve your swimming technique, whether you are an amateur or an advanced athlete. It provides instant feedback on body position and technical gestures. It is used for rehabilitation and therapy purposes and is suitable for competitive training. In particular, it is a great tool for:

Product Testing, development and performance evaluation and comparison

– Technical and postural control in water analyzed by a specialist.

– Improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of your strokes to achieve the best combination of frequency and length of movements.

– Immediate feedback on the screen to achieve better hydrodynamic positioning and correct technical movements.

  • – Analysis of parameters such as stroke speed, kick, cycle duration, and breathing frequency.

– Therapy for rehabilitation and targeted readaptation guided by a specialist.