Guillem Miralles with a great brown grouper

The protagonist of this interview is Guillem Miralles, an experienced spearfisher known and loved in his native Mallorca. We often see him both in regional championships and in some national championships, in which he always has excellent performances. Besides being a great fisherman and competitor, he is the representative of the Picasso brand in the Balearic Islands, member of the Picasso Team and tester. Let’s find out a little more about him.

Bernat Castell. In 2020, everything was slowed down a bit by the issue of the pandemic, I suppose that, like everyone else, it must have been a problem, but it still served as an opportunity to reorganize ideas.

Guillem Miralles. The pandemic surprised me in all respects, as a spearo I had to reinvent myself in order not to lose physical shape, I alternated series of apnea in the pool, exercise bike, a little TRX to combat the desire to go out in the water and, in some way, I felt that I was doing something that would help me get back on the water in the best way.
As a competitor, this helped me to acquire a working method without necessarily having to go in the water, and when we came out of the lockdown I immediately saw that I was trained as usual, I did not feel that there was no training in the water.
The Picasso brand has supported me at all times, even if we have not competed, in this sense it is peace of mind.

BC. You are an experienced fisherman who gets good catches, what advice can you give us?
GM. To get good catches it is a mixture of knowledge of the territory, important work, knowing which species to look for in each season of the year, intuition, etc.
My advice is to go as much as possible in the water, and when you see a big fish, mark the conditions in which you saw it (water temperature, current …) and try again when the same conditions are met.
Personally I am quite addicted to finding new areas with the depth sounder, it is like having mini treasures, and if you find areas that are rarely fished, usually very nice pieces come out.

BC. We have seen you perform well in competitions, how do you approach the championships? What preparation do you dedicate to them?
GM. The championships, especially the first, I took as a way to learn and meet new friends. As you evolve, the situation changes a bit, and now I like to be as high in the rankings as possible and I always try to do a good job.
The preparation I dedicate to competitions depends a lot on how I manage to organize myself with my work, and on the importance of the championship. I usually dedicate the first few days to carry out an inspection of the area to find out which species will make the difference and then adapt the most appropriate fishing style to them to reach the goal I have set myself (species, closures, number of prey).

BC. Continuing with the theme of the championships, even if today it is difficult to make plans … Do you have a set goal?
GM. My goal is always to be in the top 5 of the Balearic Islands, to see if one day I can go to the individual Spanish championship. In the Balearic Islands we have excellent fishermen who make this goal very difficult. In the rest of the competitions my goal is to have fun and be with friends.

BC. Regarding the material you use, is there an element you would like to highlight? What you wouldn’t change for anyone else.
GM. Guys, I think the boat is what I wouldn’t change at all, as it gives us freedom of movement in the area and fabulous days to share with friends and family. For the rest of the material, everything my sponsor Picasso provides me suits me excellently.

BC. You have been with Picasso for many years, so we can deduce that the relationship is good.
GM. Just this year we celebrated 10 years together. They bet on me when I was starting in competitions and thanks to them in so many moments it was the motivation to give a little more in competitions or to look for a nice piece for some photographs.

BC. Picasso is an already established brand in the Spanish and international market, what work is behind it and how do you evaluate the acceptance of the brand among spearfishermen?

GM. Picasso has been on the Spanish market for many years, they have dressed champions such as Pep Amengual, Alberto March, Pedro Carbonell, Pepe Viña, Oscar Cervantes, Miguel Galera and many others with their products, which prove that Picasso is a brand with excellent material for spearfishing.
All of these fishermen have helped grow the brand and helped the fishermen who started using Picasso products.
The acceptance that the brand has is very good, and even as there are more and more brands to choose from, the customer can be sure that every Picasso item has been designed and tested by great fishermen.


Sports results
2nd Balearic Team Championship 2010
3rd Balearic Team Championship 2013
2nd Balearic Team Championship 2014
2nd Balearic Team Championship 2016
3rd Mallorca Championship 2017
2nd Open Sebastià Carbonell 2018
3rd Balearic Individual Championship 2019
3rd Mallorca Championship 2019
2nd Open Sebastià Carbonell 2020