Semana Master ciutat de Palma 2020, the traditional international spearfishing championship organized by FBDAS, Federacion Balear de Actividades subacuaticas, will be remembered for the amazing triumph of Beuchat Team with Daniel Gospić, Oscar Cervantes and Pedro Carbonell, but also by the net second time in a row title of “Maestro” by Giacomo De Mola.

Semana Master ciutat de Palma 2020 – Cervantes Gospic Carbonel

Beuchat won the 4th edition of CMAS Brands Cup with incredible 43 fish infront of Pathos Team with Giacomo De Mola, Oscar Lopez Martin, Kostas Makris and Mirco Ominetti that also had excellent catches.

Semana Master ciutat de Palma 2020 – Giacomo De Mola wins the Master

CMAS Women’s World Cup

For the second time FBDAS organized at the Semana Master the CMAS Women’s World Cup, the individual competition for lady spearos, where Malen Sart Bonin won for the second year in a row among six competitors.

Malen Sart Bonin wins Women Cup Semana Master ciutat de Palma 2020

Malen in five hours of competition caught 8 fish, six different species for total 11685 points.

Ainhoa Abellan Lopez (Salvimar) had four fish, two different species for total 5215 points, and Marina Helluin from France finished on third place with four fish, two different species and 5165 points.

Women Cup podium


XIX Master

10 spearos from Spain, Italy and France have participated to the XIX Master at the Semana Master. Second Master title by Giacomo De Mola has been won by the Italian champion with 26,110 points, in front of the Spanish Miguel Angel Oliver (Salvimar) (18,530 points) and Xavier Blanco Pastor (Mares) (17,190).

Master Podium: from the left Blanco (Mares), De Mola (Pathos), Oliver (Salvimar)

The biggest fish from De Mola was a 5195 grams heavy goldblotch grouper, then he had one more goldblotch grouper, two red scorpionfish, two congers, two morays and one John Dory. In total it was 9 fish, 5 species and 2 cups.

De Mola with a wonderful grouper

Miguel Angel Oliver was second and caught 13 fish, 8 specie and biggest fish was red scorpionfish 890 grams heavy.

Xavier Blanco Pastor had 10 fish, six species and one cup. The biggest fish was a red scorpionfish 1030 grams heavy.


Fourth CMAS Brands Cup

This year in Palma at Semana Master everybody was thrilled during the weighing of IV CMAS Brands Cup.

Semana Master ciutat de Palma 2020 – Podium Brands Cup

At fish delivery first came Pathos Team with Giacomo de Mola, Oscar Lopez Martin, Kostas Makris and Mirco Ominetti. They presented three big groupers, one white and two dusky, a big mullet and a conger.

Brands Cup Pathos catch

Then came Daniel Gospic, Oscar Cervantes nad Pedro Carbonell – Beuchat Team, with just one dusky grouper and an amazing amount of other fish, but smaller.

On weighing it was clear that even with three groupers Pathos Team did not have enough to win this year.

Beuchat Team had incredible 43 fish with seven different specie and nine cups, in total 79065 points.

“I was thinking that we had a good chance of winning, but not with such a large difference in points”, said Oscar Cervantes.

Gospic and Cervantes were fishing alone, as Carbonell was the boatmen (a very special and experienced support for the Beuchat couple), and they caught a dusky grouper of 8875 grams, six white seabreams, seven brown meagre, 11 frokbeard and 15 red scorpionfish. It was total of a little bit more than 41 Kg of fish.

Cervantes Carbonell Gospic winners of Brands Cup

“In the zone of the competition we were only two days and for a couple of hours because we were looking deep down and we wanted to do it slowly to avoid a decompression sickness. We went to the points that Oscar had and we quickly agreed on the tactic because we had no big grouper that we could compete with, and we had little time to go looking for some big ones. Then we decided we had to catch 15 red scorpiofish because they were heavy, and we knew where there were many, and we also checked some of the spots where there were brown meagre, white seabreams and forkbeards. We had two smaller groupers, around four Kg, mixed with some fish we saw and a position at 50 meters where there were two bigger groupers that we counted as quite “safe”. We collected between two and four fish almost in every position, because we dove together not to waste time, one to the left and one to the right as agreed and so we made much better use of our spots and time. Somewhere in the middle of competition, when we had 20 fish and saw that there were no smaller groupers, we went to the deep position at – 50 meters. Oscar dove first, he caught a bigger grouper, I dove second, I found the smaller grouper, hit it, but the wing on spear did not open and the grouper managed to pull off the spear. We caught a couple of fish at – 34 meters, and everything else between – 38 and – 43 meters. We did not spearfish in shallow water at any time”, explained Daniel Gospic.

Gospic and Cervantes have calculated that the catches would be enough to win, no matter what the Pathos Team has been chasing in three.
“One hunter more at these depths is not really a help because we worked in two and the third would have been a burden to us. Pathos left one of the spearos in the coast area, so they came back for him, and there was a waste of time, while we saw that we were going faster and faster with our way of fishing. Apart from the lost grouper, we didn’t have a single failure, we did everything perfectly”, Gospic added.

Three years ago, Gospic said goodbye to the competitions at International and national level at his last Euro-African championship in Lussino, when he won a gold medal. Now he has decided to close the chapter of all other competitions with this maestral victory in Mallorca.

“Dani Gospic is a great spearfisherman and I don’t know how I will continue on Semana Master. It will certainly not be the same without him in world of competitions”, commented Oscar Cervantes.

What Gospic and Cevantes did in Semana Master 2020 for Brands is best described by their very special boatmen, the spearfishing legend Pedro Carbonell, former world, euroafrican and spanish champion.

“I can assure you that I never saw anything like it before, two monsters in and out of the water. Without any doubt. Thank you my friends”, said Pedro Carbonell.

The heaviest grouper from Pathos Team was 13795 grams, and they caught additional 15 fish with 8 species and 4 cups. In total they obtained 64300 points.

Third team in Brands Cup was Cressi with Joe Luis Fernandez, Juan Ramon Perez and David Fernandez Montero, far behind with 29,150 points). At the weighing they had 21 fish, 7 species and 2 cups.


Fifth CMAS World Cup for Nations

For the first time in World Cup for Nations Spain did not win. This comes with a big change in FEDAS Spearfishing Committee, where after New Year all old members went away and were replaced with new ones. Among the old members was the former captain of the national team, Andres Sureda Milan. The new captain is ex world and euroafrican champion and four times national champion Pepe Vina. Competition in Mallorca was the first official competition for the new people in Committee.

Semana Master ciutat de Palma 2020 – France wins Wolrd Cup for nations

Eugene Guillaume, Aurelien Bouzon and Stephan Buisson from France won the World Cup with 39240 points.

The French Team had 26 fish, five different species and four cups. The biggest fish was a dusky grouper of 3675 grams.

Spain with Cesar Bustelo, Xavier Blanco Pastor and Jacobo Garcia finished on second place. Their heaviest fish was a bluefish of 4475 grams and they had 16 fish more, ten species in total and one cup for total 32315 points.

Team Spain

Third was Greece with Vlachos, Konstantinos and Kambanis. Spearos from Greece presented at weighing 15 fish and 10 different species for total 23020 points.

Team Greece
Eugene Guillaume, Aurelien Bouzon and Stephan Buisson (France) win World Cup for Nations


XX° Open Ciutat de Palma – IX° Memorial Sebastià Carbonell

Big battle on weighing was also expected for Open as on catch delivery it was impossibile to predict who will beat a catch of Blausub Team with Guillem Miralles, Xisco Rayo and Manuel Perez. They immediately showed two big groupers, but 32 other teams had put their catch already in the bags.

Blausub Team with Guillem Miralles, Xisco Rayo and Manuel Perez
Team Casa Calico III (Pathos): brothers Carlos and David Martorell and Juan Campins win the Open Cup

Finally Team Casa Calico III (Pathos) won in front of Blausub Team.

Brothers Carlos and David Martorell and Juan Campins presented at weighing 28 fish, 11 different species and two cups for 38725 points. Team Casa Calico III didn’t have any big grouper, the heaviest fish being a grey triggerfish of 1325 grams.

Team Casa Calico III (Pathos) Brothers Carlos and David Martorell and Juan Campins after weighing

“We started fishing at 20-25 meters, but on these spots there was no fish at all. So we needed to change strategy and we went on the side of Cabo Blanco, a bit deeper and we started collecting one fish here one fish there…but we didn’t have time to go for spots with bigger fish as it was half of the competition past. So we concentrated on catching different species, said Carlos Martorell Adrover.

Blausub Team finished second with 8 fish and five species worth 34810 points. One dusky grouper was 18225 grams heavy and a second one 11770 grams.

Open Cup podium

Third team in the Open was Team C.A.S.A. with Ayoze Alonso, David Hernandez and Jaime Heras. At the weighing they had 24 fish, eight different species and two cups for 33860 points.

All the fish caught at Semana Master was devoluted, as European rule for species caught in sportive competitions, for charity, in this case to the organization SOS Mamas.

This year Semana Master was dedicated to Juan Ramon Reus, former athlete and Spanish national team member.

OPEN 2020