(Text by Ryan Lategan – Photos Kurt Bunge)

The trials for the South African national team who will represent their country at the next World Championship in Italy, Arbatax, where ApneaPassion will be present for live streaming videos, was held in Kwazulu Natal over this past weekend with the last day of competition being Monday 10th February 2020.

Boat ready for competition at Park Rynie ski boat club in Rocky bay

With the country’s top athletes all fighting for the opportunity to represent their country,the competition was bound to be a tight affair.Reports of guys diving in some areas known to be quite sharky and having some close encounters with some really big bull sharks.All of this in order to achieve their goal of getting those fish that would place them at the top.Some quality fish were lost to some resident potatoe bass.

Tanya Nadauld loading a Job fish on the boat

At the end of it all Gerhard Vosloo achieved top honours with Donovan Solomon in 2nd and Dyter Bosiger in 3rd place.The current S.A. champ Jaco Blignaut was not able to attend due to work commitments however it was decided that he would be a part of the team to send to worlds.The team to attend are as follows Jaco Blignaut,Gerhard Vosloo,Donovan Solomon with Dyter Bosiger as a reserve.Team Captain will be Angelo Spada. Congratulations to all!

Donovan Solomon with a great Englishfish