At the Kedada many artisans were present, among which composite fin blades manufacturers – Guest, Valentine Thomas

Many manufacturers of composite fin blades, among which Carbonio GFT and Go n Sea (in addition to Pathos that is though an international company producing also foot pockets, meaning complete fins). The first, a company from south of Italy, have brought to the Spanish show the novelties already presented at the end of 2015 at the Italian Show in Rome, Medi Show. Among these the new Alpha HF series. GFT has already presented them last year at the Eudi Show in Bologna, Italy, and describes the new product as an incredible evolution, not much for the acceleration and restarts from the bottom, where the Aero were more specifically built, but for the incredible speed, obtainable with short movements of the legs that do not tire at all. Alpha fins are for sure indicated for deep dives and long surface transfers. Asymmetric, the newly born fins by GFT have a left and a right, with the longer part of the profile to be kept external. Neat and perfect in every detail, just as all the fin line by GFT, the new Alpha have seduced the Godmather of the Show, Valentine Thomas, a battling spearo and, also her, very seductive. Already user of the Aero model, Valentine has absolutely wanted a pair of Alpha.

Above: Valentine Thomas and Tony Canario (GFT)

Still not delt by AP the products from the French company Go n Sea, specialized in manufaturing of composite fin blades, such as carbon fiber and glass fiber. Models are addressed to many different uses, from freediving to spearfishing, from ARA to a new sport approved by CMAS, the sport immersion in pool, sincerely a little bit of a funny sport from the point of view of freedivers and spearos.

We have had a chat with Madame Gisou, focusing on fin blades for spearfishing. Quality and performance of the blades are based on a deep study of the orientation of the fibers. The top of the line fins, the Pirates Mokorea, are specifically designed for deep freediving and spearfishing. The blades are made of layers of 100% carbon sheets with 4 directions. Construction optimizes directionality and acceleration, as for example in the restart from the bottom. Practically the thrust is immediate as soon as the spearo gives the first kick. Less extreme are the Black Squal Carbone, with an angle of the blade equal to 19° and available in soft, medium and hard versions. These blades contain 25% of glass fiber. Finally, Go n Sea offers the easiest blades, the Shark, thought to be the entry level to the composite carbon fiber blades. This model is manufactured with 75% of glass fiber, closed inside two layers of carbon fiber. The blade is shorter and less wide than the other two models. Prices of the fins, including Pathos footpockets, are: Pirates Mokorea 340€, Black Squal 249€ and Shark 195€.

Above: in the first row at the top the three blades for freediving and spearfishing: Pirates Mokorea, Blasck Squal Carbone and Shark

Sopra: in alto le tre pale per apnea e pesca in apnea: Pirates Mokorea, Blasck Squal Carbone e Shark