The Freediver Tour by Beuchat stops in Ustica, and is supported by Suunto Diving, PADI Freediver and DAN Europe.

The fifth and second last appointment of the Beuchat Freediver Tour 2016 will be held in the Italian island of Ustica, on the 24th and 25th of September. The project, already presented by AP in occasion of the third appointment is Sardinia, at Isola Rossa, represents a positive activity to help diffusion of knowledge and passion for freediving among passionates of the sea and scuba diving, including very young ones. Thought by Beuchat Italy and Suunto Diving, the Freediver Tour 2016 is also supported by PADI Freediver and DAN Europe.

The Freediver Tour 2016 is certainly and important initiative, that permits to involvealso, but not only, passionates that have until today looked only to scuba diving. The event is free and open to everyone who wants to get close to freediving as a sport or only for the pleasure of experiencing the beauty of this amazing discipline. To all participants a professional instructor will present the basic techniques, and they will be able to try last generation Beuchat and Suunto equipment.

To participate it will be sufficient to reach Orca Diving Center Ustica, since many years very active in freediving, both leasure and professional, practiced in the Protected Marine Area (on who’s regulation the editorial staff of AP has though many doubts) of Ustica, the first to be istituted in Italy. The address is via Cristoforo Colombo 39, Ustica, and the appointment is on both days at 9:00 am.

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