Pathos Maximum carbon fiber fins are made with 100% carbon fiber blades thought for those who dive in medium shallow water, and want maximum performance in such conditions.

First impressions

Of compact dimensions, the Pathos Maximum are the shorter version fins among the new carbon fiber line by the Greek company, as already analyzed on the X-Rays article presentation.

Surface transfers

The blade of the Pathos Maximum we received is of medium hardness, reactive on the surface enough to face a sea that is not too rough, with average current, where a softer compound would have been more adequate also with a rougher and stronger current sea.

Medium and deep dives

Within the first 15 meters, the Pathos Maximum are recommended to all spearos with body sizes up to 100 kg. In dives down to 25/30 meters the Pathos Maximum of medium hardness are indicated for spearos of up to 75 kg and with little ballast. The deadlift from the bottom is good, especially in the first acceleration, thanks also to the short blades, that of course determine instead some loss of maximum speed, which is anyway good and measured as ascent speed around 49/50 meters per minute.

Shallow water

The Pathos Maximum has its strength in the shallow as it is reactive and agile, and thanks to its compact dimensions it is very manageable also among the rocks, without risk of getting the fins stuck or hitting objects, with the effect of the fish swimming away.


The Pathos Maximum is definitely a fin with a light blade that determines limited limb fatigue. These fins require a medium radius kick. Choosing the hardness, I would recommend the soft version for more shallow water, and the medium perfect for dives from 10 to 20 meters of depth.