After x rays and the test of the excellent fins used by the World Champion George Vasiliou and designed and manufatcured by XT-Diving, we have analyzed the model fo wetsuit used by the Cypriot Champ.

We continue the analysis of the XT-Diving equipment used by George Vasiliou in occasion of the World Title won in Greece, in the island of Syros, at the last World Championship in 2016. We have received the same exact model wetsuit, taylor made though for our use in the tests.

In brief

Smooth outside and open cell inside high quality Heiwa neoprene for maximum comfort, taylor made, no protections on knees and elbows for maximum softness, red and yellow camouflage as the one used by Vasiliou: the World Champion wetsuit is extremely easy to wear and offers unbeatable comfort, but the resistance of the neoprene and the bondings are the characteristics that make the real difference.



For the technical data sheet of the XT-Diving Heiwa wetsuit click here.

Materials and protections

The filosophy of XT-Diving in designing and manufacturing the wetsuit for George Vasiliou has surely been the one of creating an excellent product, without specific protections, also because the World Championship in Syros has been faught at amazing depths, where hitting rocks was not so frequent. So, no additional protection on elbows and knees, and only an internal 3 mm thick neoprene pad on the chest. 



Neoprene, as anticipated, is the high quality Heiwa SKCS, extremely soft, but with a good feel of strength that should indicate good resistance in time and low squuezing effect during deep dives.

Cuts and finishings

Finishings of the XT-Diving wetsuit are well made starting from the bondings, which really seem perfect in each area. There are no button like reinforcements in the triple conjuction points, such as in the underarm area, usually a good solution for best duration of the wetsuit. In this case, though, we must say that such solution does really not seem to be needed thanks, as said, to the great quality of the bondings.


The edges of the wrists, ankles and face contour are in folded neoprene with smooth external surface and open cell internal one. This solution strengthens the area and determines a better sealing effect thanks to the smooth surface that comes into contact with the skin. These three areas are also reinforced with passing through stitchings, which are extremely neat and do not reduce comfort.



The upper edge of the trousers, just on the waist, has an additional neoprene band that is flipped over, meaning smooth surface is internal and open cell external. This solution brings the less porous part of the neoprene in contact with the skin and seals better the trousers. Such strip of neoprene is though cut without folding it at the edge, as maybe we would have appreciated more. Two smaller strips of neoprene are glued to the inverted band of neoprene to reinforce the bondings, which is a good solution, even though the strips look as if they are cut in a too artigianal way.



Very interesting is the differentiated thickness system, with the hood which is made from a 1 mm thinner neoprene sheet compared to the jacket, keeping the body at maximum thermal protection and giving the head instead a slightly softer protection.

The lower closing of the jacket is made with an alamaro system, and only such area around the hole, together with the beaver tail, has internal lining. This has the aim of having as less lined neoprene as possible. All the remaining neoprene around the waist of the jacket is open cell internally and smooth externally.



Certainly the camouflage is extremely attractive in its yellow-red colour, with the very impactful white XT-Diving Pro logo and writing. Many other colours are available XT-Diving website, even though we would prefer to have such site showing the final result of the wetsuit in the different camouflage colours, instead of boxes with such solution.

Do not miss the test in the water of the Heiwa smooth/open cell wetsuit by XT-Diving on-line soon on