Salvimar innovates and goes beyond traditional design, also in the colors and camouflage. The Acid Green by Salvimar has set a standard of energy and emotion, and the Salvimar Kromick wetsuit camouflage is no less.

Materials and protections

Made of medium-density Namyoung neoprene, which is not so often used for spearfishing wetsuits, the Silvimar Kromick immediately hits the eyes due to the very strong camouflage colors, with special and very interesting 3D images. 

Protections are on the chest, which on the 7 mm jacket has no additional patch to thicken the sternal area, and the knees, both covered with large segmented Puffgum printed material, which has an anti-slip and anti-wear effect. The segmented solution helps to keep such areas sufficiently elastic.

Finishings and cuts

Face, wrists and ankles profiles are finished with folded neoprene, which is though externally lined, and in fact, continues the camouflage coloring. Such borders include through seams, including on the chin, the only point where the stitiching comes to contact with the skin, while this does not happen on ankles and wrists, as in these cases generally gloves and socks are worn under the pants and the jacket.  

An important detail is the use, both on the face contour and at the lower part of the jacket, all around, of a thinner neoprene, 5 mm on the 7 mm jacket, to increase comfort. Such neoprene in the lower part of the jacket is lined also internally at the front, and open-cell internally at the rear. The beaver tail is closed with two clips that have a nice dedicated design. 

The high waist pants measure 40 cm at the front and 42 cm at the rear and are complete with double elastic bands to hang trousers, especially when they need to dry up.

Special solutions

Certainly, the differentiated thickness on the face contour and, especially, the waist of the trousers is a special care. The 3D camouflage is quite impressive.

Plus and Minus


  • Differentiated thickness neoprene on face and pants
  • Large Puffgum areas 
  • Elastic bands to hang the trousers


  • Internal stitching on the chin
  • We would have preferred externally smooth folded neoprene on edges

To download the full data chart of the Salvimar Kromick click here.