Could it be? Could a camouflage pattern of a wetsuit attract and not simply hide the spearo? We don’t really know. What we know is that once more Salvimar has brought to market no simple camo, but an extraordinary one. A very brave solution, which could become a trend or not. What we also know is that the Salvimar Scales wetsuits have a shiny effect that is often a means of attraction to predatory fish and could be, but we will test that, even an attraction to smaller fish, or at least might not scare them. The Scales 101 camo, in the men version, reproducing the Krypsis 101 camo with the added effect, by sublimation, of the shining scales of a fish, is definitely visible in the first meters of water, to become darker when the light is reduced deeper down. The women version, the Scales Lady, is amazingly nice, with its blue tone, which reproduces the Sea Walker Lady camo again with the scales effect applied. There is nothing nicer on the market.

Scales 101

Scales golden camo

The Salvimar Krypsis 101 camo becomes golden with the scales effect, something never seen before on the market. Instead of using brown, green or blue effects reproducing the sea floor or blue water, Salvimar reproduces the scales of a fish, and a colourful one. Actually, near any object the Scales 101 camo reflects partially such colours, and this has somehow a camouflage effect. It could in fact, and we will test it, become an even more effective camo than the more traditional ones. In addition, as we know from blue water spearfishing, big predatory fish are attracted by flashing objects. In blue water spearfishing, in fact, the use of the correct flashers is key to attract tune and, especially, fish like wahoo, who see in the flashing objects something similar to a prey.

Cut and details of the Scales 101

The Salvimar Scales 101 is a very refined wetsuit in externally lined and internally open cell neoprene. The official external material is indicated by Salvimar as Spandex 3D Krypsis camo. The borders of the face, waist, wrists and ankles are folded, but do not have an externally smooth solution. This design might has a slightly reduced sealing effect, but lasts longer than the externally smooth neoprene. The cut is one piece on the back, with no central stitching. On the shoulders we have the classic Raglan solution. Behind the knees the stitching is shifted to avoid any annoying feeling on the skin. The closure of the jacket is with double button. The sternal protection is long and has generous dimensions, with and internal neoprene patch. Externally a fragmented design in Puffgum (A.R.I.S – Abrasion Resistant Ink System) helps to generate an anti-skid solution, still avoiding to stiffen too much the neoprene. The same pattern is present on the knees, but not on the elbows. The stitching are double and blind with GBS system and two-components glue application.

Salvimar Scales 101
Salvimar Scales 101

The waist band on the pants has a reduced thickness for best comfort and diaphragmatic breathing. The neoprene used is a Sheico medium density which feels extremely soft, and at the moment the available thickness of jacket and pants is only 5.0 mm. Sizes are S, M, L, XL and XXL.

Scales Lady

The female version of the Scales 101 is the beautiful Scales Lady wetsuit. It is a two piece solution for spearfishing, with a dedicated cut for women, ideal for their best comfort during apnea. The exterior material is an ultra-elastic lining with and internal Q-FOAM open cell neoprene generating excellent comfort and ease of wearing. As for the Scales 101, the sternal protection is made of an internal neoprene patch and an external Puffgum segmented pattern. The wrists, ankles, face and waist are finished with the CRSS (Camo Round Seal System) external folded solution. The Salvimar Scales Lady is also available only in the 5.0 mm thickness and in the sizes XS, S, M, L, XL ,XXL.