In Pathos complete spearfishing line reels could not be missed, actually 4 with different characteristics.

Named Wheel, Pathos reels are 40, 50 and 70 to indicate the length of the 1.7 mm diameter line that can be rolled onto them. The reels are divided in Vertical (50 and 70) and Horizontal (40 and 50).

Wheel50 2

Wheel70 40 3

General structure

General structure of the 4 reels sees a glass loaded Nylon main body. Central axle is still in Nylon, but its central heart is of stainless steel, to insure better resistance in time, an aspect that should always be carefully looked at when choosing a new reel, as many products are on the market without the central steel structure. Some small smudges made by the molds are present, but with no effect on functionality.

Wheel70 40 1

All Pathos reels also have the “Easy Release” solution. This is much used in Greece and consists in a clutch, made with a steel spring system, which is either open or close. When the fish is caught the clutch opens immediately and completely, so the line is free to unwind from the reel. This is a safety solution that avoids the spearo having to pull the speargun when moving back to the surface after having shot the fish. This solution is particularly useful when spearfishing in deep waters and catching big preys, while it is a little annoying when shooting at small fish and in shallow water, as the line will unwind uneccessarily.

Wheel50 3

Connection of the reel to the speargun is with a base connected by two screws, while the real itself uses a sledge system connecting to such base.

Very simple, finally, is the mechanism to dismount the reels in the single components, which is done simply unscrewing completely the clutch.


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Made in the two more compact dimensions, the Wheel 40 and 50 reels are horizontal and structured with a nylon cage that keep the line in place once winded on the reel. In addition, a vertical nylon cylinder rotates and keeps the line in position when winding and unwinding. The clutch opens and closes by acting on a knob, a little bit too small on the 40, positioned in the classic place under the reel. On the 40 the knob is not foldable, but it is intelligently connected to an arm that rotates and increase total distance from the center of the reel, helping in the winding phase.



Made in greater 50 and 70 dimensions, Vertical reels differ from the Horizontal ones. First of all, there is no nylon cage to hold the line in place, but a cover with steel spring that keeps the line in the correct position and avoids it to come out of the guide of the reel. Also here a small nylon cylinder is present, to help keeping the line untangled during winding and unwinding.

Wheel50 4

Regulation of the clutch is possible thanks to a knob of good dimensions and shape, easily adjustable. The knob for the winding of the line has a special solution that slides and increases distance from center of rotation, helping the winding phase, but also is foldable horizontally, to avoid weeds and any element on the sea bottom to get stuck in the reel.

Wheel50 5

Wheel50 6

Wheel50 7

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