After the presentation of the top quality carbon Prepreg carbon Fiber Mares Razor Matrix fins, here two other new models launched in 2018, which complete the set with glass fiber and polymer blades, always detachable from Mares footpocket.

Mares Razor Illusion

Extremely high quality Prepreg glass fiber made of 8 layers of fiber for a constant thickness of 1.6 mm, which produces a constant bending of the blade. This may not be the most efficient solution, but it is surely the easiest to use for those divers who do not have the top quality kicking technique that athletes and experienced divers have.

Mares Razor Illusion

Wonderful solution of camouflage with a layer of coloured sea floor pattern moulded with the glass fiber to obtain a perfect fusion for a long lasting effect.

Blade length is equal to 55 cm centrally and 59 cm laterally from the holes of the connection to footpocket to the tip of the blade. Width between the water rails goes from 13.5 cm in front of foot-pocket to 21.8 cm max at the tip of the blade. Angle between foot-pocket and blade is traditional 22° for all Mares fins. Flap has a swallow tail profile.

Mares Razor Illusion fins

Weight of blades is 390 grams, evidently slightly heavier than the carbon blades of the Razor Matrix, and total weight with foot-pocket (700 grams) is 1140 grams.

Water rails are of top quality thanks to a specific design with variable height and thin and flexible material.

Mares fins Water Rails

One stiffness available which can so be considered medium, while production is done with high pressure (above 100 atm) moulds.

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Mares Razor Pro 

Even though not in composite material, the blades of the Mares Razor Pro are of extremely high effeciency, both thanks to the polymer material added with elastomer, which increases reaction, and to the differentiated thickness that goes from 6 mm in front of the foot-pocket, to 1.6 mm at the tip of the blade. In addition, the profile of the blade has some differentiated thickness channels that improve reactivity of the fins without increasing the weight. The differentiated thickness permits a parabolic flexion of the blade during finning.

Mares Razor Pro fins

Lenght is considerably high, for total 59 cm centrally and 63 cm laterally, starting as usual from the holes for connecting screws to tip of the blade. Width is 22 cm and blade vs foot-pocket angle is again 22°. Flap has a swallow tail design. This helps control lateral slip during finning, also considering the absence of water rails.

Mares Razor Pro fins blade

Weight of blade is 425 grams and total weight of the single fin is 1160 grams.

For technical data chart of Mares Razor Illusion click here, and for Mares Razor Pro here.