The Cressi Victory speargun has its name born to celebrate the 2023 World Spearfishing Championship won the by Cressi, its twelfth, with Santiago Lopez Cid. With a triple circular band, the new speargun by the Italian Company is another great product with all the amazing know-how by Cressi in the sector. We have analysed it, waiting to test it, and indeed the perceived quality and the technical solutions have impressed us. And there is surely more come…

Triple circular bands muzzle

3 x 14 mm circular bands

Cressi Victory speargun muzzle

The technical feature of this speargun that hits us immediately is the triple circular bands solution, which is quite a novelty by Cressi. This solution, even though requiring as little more time to load all the rubbers, still makes such process very easy, as the 3 circular bands are 14 mm of diameter. They are closed by a Dyneema wishbone.

Perfectly designed muzzle

The new muzzle able to host three circular bands is definitely one of the best ones on the market. It is extremely streamlined for the best maneuverability of the Cressi Victory speargun. At the same time the design permits to give a perfect and smooth orientation to the bands which are positioned parallel to the shaft for best efficiency of the shot.

Cressi Victory speargun muzzle with triple circular bands

The muzzle has two lateral through holes, and also three rectangular cavities just below the integrated shaft guide, both designed to reduce weight.

Cressi Victory speargun muzzle

The passages of the monofilament are perfect to keep the line in position, still maintaining small dimensions. The muzzle of the Cressi Victory is complete with a great solution by the Italian Company, the submerged magnet. The latter definitely helps to keep the shaft in position during the loading phase. The magnet it sufficiently strong to keep the shaft in position even if it is not fixed by the monofilament.

Cressi Victory speargun muzzle

The inferior part of the muzzle is complete with a thick and very resistant dismountable steel ring for the passage of the line. The ring is dismountable using a torx screwdriver.

31 mm diameter barrel

31 mm for stiffness and recoil control

Cressi Victory speargun

Another key characteristic of the Cressi Victory speargun is the 31 mm diameter barrel, so a bigger solution compared to the more standard 28 mm. Such diameter determines a much greater stiffness of the barrel, able to withstand heavy loads generated by the bands. Also, the weight of the speargun increases for a better control of the recoil, still well balanced by the additional air inside the barrel to obtain a neutral buoyancy.

Cressi Victory speargun 31 mm barrel with integrated shaft guide

Integrated shaft guide and special connections

The barrel is a high end solution with an integrated shaft guide. The connection with the muzzle is insured by a Torx screw perfectly inserted inside the end of the shaft guide. Internally two O-Rings ensure the perfect seal between muzzle and barrel, and in the same way barrel to handle. Such solution increases the quantity of air inside the barrel compared to simpler and more economic internal caps.

Reinforced barrel

In the inferior part the barrel is an almost flat surface, highlighting a thicker wall. Such solution, together with the additional stiffness guaranteed by the integrated shaft guide, determines a much stiffer design, especially in the vertical axis.

The Handle of the Cressi Victory speargun

New design

Cressi Victory speargun 7.5 mm shark fins shaft

The handle is another great element of the Cressi Victory. Beautifully designed with a curved profile that from the frontal connection of the hilt goes all the way back, in one piece, to the sternal support. The latter is low and wide to have a sufficient area in contact with the chest, still clearing completely the line of aim. A hard rubber cover is used to improve the grip.

Lighter and stiffer

Key though is the fact that the connection to the barrel is made with the previously mentioned single Torx screw. This permits to have a big part of the frontal segment of the handle which is hollow, additionally increasing the internal air and improving buoyancy of the speargun on the side of the handle.

single Torx screw connection

Additionally, this new handle has a special design which improves significantly the rigidity of such component.

Extended shaft guide and lightening holes

Centrally and frontally on the handle the integrated shaft guide is prolonged from the barrel. Here three big, elongated and deep holes that reduce weight and friction, utilizing water as a cushion between the guide and the shaft.

Steel triangles for best positioning the line

In the frontal area of the handle two steel triangles are positioned on each side with four Torx screws to keep the monofilament away from the shark fins of the shaft and the line of aim. This dismountable solution could eventually permit the positioning of a cam support.

3 cavities for weight reduction

Invertible safety system

The safety system is well designed with a lateral lever positioned on the left of the handle. Such lever can be fest with the thumb of a right hander spearo if the system is on lock mode. To adapt to a left hander, the lever can be dismounted unscrewing a Torx screw and moved to the left of the handle.

TPE handle cover

TPE covered anti skid grip

The grip is beautifully designed with an anatomical symmetrical shape, adapt for both right and left handers. It is covered with a sand colour soft TPE with a rough surface. This solution ensures a perfect grip.

Internally, in the lower part of the grip a dismountable steel axle is present to position a steel long line clip to connect a line or a bungee for big fish hunting.

The handle is hallow and so gives the opportunity to the spearo to fill it with foam to additionally improve the buoyancy.

Release mechanism

The release mechanism of the Cressi Victory speargun is the top of the line solution by the Italian company, already presented on the Cressi Cherokee line, and able to host shafts up to 8 mm of diameter. It is 100% stainless steel in the internal components, including the trigger and the well designed and dimensioned lateral line release lever, but glass loaded Nylon 12 for the box, to obtain a lighter solution. Such material is 65% glass loaded Nylon which almost completely cancels any possibility of water absorption, eliminating the risk of deformation or softening of the material.

Nylon 12 box of the release mechanism


The Cressi Victory is sold without reel, as this speargun is sold complete but with the long line clip for big fish hunting which usually does not use reels, but bungee lines. Still, all the R line reels, such as the R20, R30 and R50 are easily mountable. The connection reel to handle has been improved now, where 4 screws fix the reel base to the handle, significantly reducing the distance between the reel and the handle, for a more compact and manoeuvrable solution.

Cressi R50 reel


The 7.5 mm diameter shaft mounted on the Cressi Victory speargun is an extremely high quality solution. The 4 shark fins are laser welded and have all a hole for the passage of the line. The tip of the shaft is tricuspid. The long barb, positioned inferiorly, has an auto lock system, specially designed by Cressi where the shaft is slightly machined to permit a perfect functioning. The pin which holds the barb is welded for best duration and to avoid any possibility of it coming off.

Cressi Victory lateral steel wings for monofilament positioning
Cressi 7.5 mm diameter shaft tricuspid tip