Another fish name for the Cressi wetsuits line, this time the Lampuga, an extremely interesting and fascinating camouflage.

Materials and protections

The Cressi Lampuga is made with high elasticity Sheico neoprene with internal open-cell and external Nylon lining. The lining is printed with a camouflage color that replicates the one of the Lampuga (Dolphinfish), with a special digital printing, which allows to obtain very high-resolution images thus creating an exclusive camouflage. The new “Cryptic Camouflage Technology” by Cressi is based on a real image of the fish (in this case the Lampuga, with its color casts) to create a camouflage very close to the original and then modified to obtain a repetitive effect, one of a kind.

Stern and knees protections have an external anti-abrasion cover, while the elbows rely only on the external Nylon lining as protection. The stern has an additional external 5 mm thick neoprene patch with external lining under the anti-abrasion material. 

Finishings and cuts

The Cressi Lampuga has top grade finishings, with the folded neoprene edges on wrists, ankles and face profile, with 1.5 cm width, external smooth and internal lined neoprene. This better seals the wetsuit for greater thermal insulation, both due to the fact that the smooth neoprene perfectly adheres to the skin and also because such profiles are tighter and a little stiffer (they are double) than the rest of the neoprene of the wetsuit. In addition, the smooth surface is more comfortable on the skin. 

The lower part of the jacket of the Cressi Lampuga internally is almost completely open cell, so it perfectly seals the wetsuit when in contact with the smooth external neoprene of the pants once the Aqua Stop System is activated by folding the waistband, thinner externally lined and internally smooth neoprene. This system permits to better seal the wetsuit in a critical area where water passage is generally present. The result is an increase in thermal insulation and so the possibility to slightly vary the warmness of the wetsuit depending on water temperature. 

The beavertail is well made and reinforced with a thick elastic Nylon lining that goes all the way along the inferior border of the jacket. The closure is obtained with traditional double clips. 

The underarm area is made with a very wide rhomboidal neoprene patch to adapt to the body of the spearo. 

The rear of the jacket has a special multiple cut for best adherence to the back of the spearo and so maximum comfort thermally and in the movements.

The cap and the neck of the wetsuit have been redesigned for the best adaptation and comfort for the spearo. The chin closure of the cap has no stitching internally for maximum comfort of the skin.

The high waist pants are slightly higher in the rear to protect the back from cold. Height from the crotch of the trousers is 45 cm at the front and 49 cm at the rear. 


Special solutions

The novelty comes from the Cryptic Camouflage Technology for the Lampuga style camouflage, while details and finishings are of top quality. Bondings appear to be of excellent quality.

Plus and Minus


  • New interesting camo
  • Aqua Stop System
  • Neat finishings and bondings and good resistance


  • No 7 mm trousers available
  • Externally lined neoprene does not dry fast and can be cold out of water when wet

For the complete data chart of the Cressi Lampuga wetsuit click here.