A must, a knife that has been in production for so many years and that Cressi cannot stop producing and selling thanks to its great success…it’s almost a myth, the Cressi Killer knife is a perfect size and great quality blade for all spearos. Precisely, it is in Cressi’s catalog since 1974 and it is a really appreciated classic, because of its ease of use, blade penetration, resistance, and grip characteristics.

The handle

Made in techno-polymer with a rough surface that guarantees great grip, definitely the design of the handle does not have amazing modern design and looks, but it indeed has proven to be effective.

Cressi Killer knife handle

Dimensions of the handle of the Cressi Killer knife are 95 mm long, 29 mm wide and 18 mm thick, with an anatomical shape that really feels comfortable, even more than more modern solutions.


Made in AISI 304 tempered stainless steel covered with hard chrome that generates amazing protection from rust, the blade of the Cressi Killer knife is curved with a standard cutting edge on one side and a straight constantly toothed edge on the other.

Cressi Killer blade

Dimensions of the blade are 85 mm long, 18 mm wide and 3 mm thick. The useable length of the blade (the cutting edge) is 70 mm long.

Cressi Killer knife dismounted

A very useful and practical solution is the possibility to totally dismantle the Cressi Killer knife simply by unscrewing the rounded metal cap on the rear of the handle and extracting the blade. This permits an easy and deep cleaning of the entire knife, great for best maintenance. The rear steel cap also be used as small hummer.


The sheath is a very traditional and simple soft plastic element. The connection between the knife and the sheath is also simple and traditional, with a rubber ring linked to the sheath and where the end of the handle is inserted. The upgrade compared to older spearfishing knives is the fact that the ring is particularly thick to resist in time the stress and possible breaking.

Cressi killer knife sheath and bands

The sheath has a passage for the belt and double passage for two rubber bands for the connection to the arm, leg, calf and thigh, thanks to the sufficiently compact dimensions of the entire knife which is 189 mm long inside the sheath.

For the technical data sheet of the Cressi Killer knife click here.