Since the beginning leader in the design and production of sling spearguns, with all its line named after Indian tribes, to which this year the Kiowa Custom has been added, Cressi has in the Cherokee and the Comanche Rail two solutions with the same barrel, but much different in the handle, muzzle and settings.

In brief

Cressi Cherokee and Cressi Comanche Rail have the same 28 mm diameter barrel with open shaft guide. Differences are to the contrary very evident in the grip, where the Comanche Rail maintains a very classic solution, strong of its reliability, and very much loved by experienced spearos that have known such solution since many years and do not really want to change. In the same way, the muzzle is still very classic with its closed solution and the single standard bands, even though its design has been recently renewed for even more simplicity in loading the speargun and more compactness. The Cherokee instead has the most updated technical solution by Cressi, with a very compact muzzle complete with a retention magnet.


Both spearguns have the same 28 mm diameter, 1 mm thick barrel, made of anticorodal aluminium, an alloy containing Manganese, Silicon and Magnesium, elements that help reduce oxydation of the material and maintain good mechanical strength. On the upper part of the barrel there is the open shaft guide made with two rails to reduce friction, which also gives additional vertical rigidity to the barrel. The inferior part of it is instead simply circular with no additional reinforcement.

Grip and release mechanism

The solution of the Comanche Rail sees a classic grip with full trigger made of glass loaded Nylon, shifting lateral sicurity switch, ambidextrous handle, release mechanism castle covered with plastic material, and line release system positioned in the lower part just in front of the hilt. This handle does not base its strength on evolution, but on fine tuning, simplicity and reliability, aspects that still today seduce and attract a high number of passionate spearos.

Cherokee is instead designed with a last generation handle and 100% stainless steel release mechanism, meaning the trigger, the internal mechanism and the release box. The line release lever is also in stainless steel, with automatic return and positioned laterally, to avoid any contact with sea floor. The area of insertion of the shaft in the release mechanism has an additional removable steel part that is used to best adapt shafts of different diameters,and the part is removed for shafts from 8 mm diameter and above. Such component also permits to have the upper part of the insertion area of the release mechanism with a smoothed edge, avoiding, in such zone, cut of the line due to sharp edges.

The grip is made with a white removable part to be visible on the sea bottom, and also the surface has cuts to reduce slip. Security system is regulated on and off with a small lever that is though feelable with the hand once speagun is held, so off position is advised. The lever is double, meaning it is present on both sides, so it is perceivable by right and left handed spearos; an excellent solution. Sternal support is available standard in two dimensions and heights. Nice and comfortable are the two lateral “wings” to position neatly the line and move it away from the line of sight.


The muzzle of the Comanche Rail is of classic design, closed, even though it has been updated by Cressi to improve even more the easiness in loading. Such muzzle is called QuickLoad. Quite compact in dimensions, the muzzle mounts two single 16 mm diameter standard elastic bands, with screwing system both on the muzzle and on the wishbone side. The muzzle also has a hole that gives the opportunity to mount an additional circular elastic band. In the lower part of the muzzle the line guide is in stainless steel to improve strength and durability.

The muzzle of the Cherokee is very much evoluted, very compact, with numerous “wings” to position the line on both sides. Such passages are neat and well designed to avoid possible situations of the line loosing its position. The solution with double magnet integrated in a water sealed chamber (Magnetic Spear Lock) permits to keep the shaft in position, helping especially the loading phase.

The profile of the muzzle is made to direct in the best way the circular 16 mm bands (one standard, and a second that can be added), so that they do not rub one on the other and keep an as parallel to the shaft as possible position for best shot efficiency.

Settings and versions

Comanche Rail is available in the nominal lengths of 60, 75, 90, 100 e 110 cm, with single standard elastic bands of 16 mm, articulated steel wishbone, steel 6 mm diameter tahitian shaft with notches.  

Cherokee offers the same lengths as the Comanche Rail, except the 110, and also has the same shaft and wishbone, even though the 16 mm diameter band is circular. For both spearguns reels are connected with dove tail profile guide, where the new Reel R30 e R50 can be mounted.

For the complete technical chart of the Cressi Comanche Rail 100 click here.

For the complete technical chart of the Cressi Cherokee 100 click here.