Perfect agguato by Roberto Murru

A perfect agguato (ambush) technique by the strong Italian athlete from Sardinia, Roberto Murru, made on the 7th of December 2016 at 3 meters of depth in the waters of Sardinia, at 18°C and a Mistral wind with 50 cm high waves.

Roberto crawls along some meters among the rocks, and with a perfect technique reaches an amazingly rich group of fish without scaring them: big breams, gilthead sea breams, basses and salemas are just eating algae and molluscs on the surface of a high rock, which, being closer to the surface also in cold periods it is well warmed by sunlight and has more food on its surface than deeper down rocks.

The catch has been done with a crafted sling gun in Sapelli mahogany, camouflaged with integrated shaft guide and anatomical grip. The elastic bands being Seac Power Green (Primeline) with elongation factor of 320% and 6.5 mm shaft. The wetsuit was tailor made with 7 mm jacket and 5 mm trousers, open cell interior smooth exterior camouflage. Blades were glass fiber C4 hardness 30, with personal camouflage on the inferior surface.