Omer-Sporasub, complete with UP (Umberto Pelizzari) brand, is ready for 2017 with many new products, some of which full of innovative solutions.

We have visited Omersub headquarters near Milan, Italy, and have met Lorenzo Borri, General Manager, and Alessio De Carne, Sales Manager for Italy and Greece. Alessio has presented the new 2017 products. Let us see some of the most interesting ones.

The first great novelty, soon on the market, is the new Carbon Roller by Omer, a sling gun with roller muzzle, which is also dismountable, permitting to shift from a roller to a single or double band solution depending on the spearfishing needs. But what has impressed is the barrel, made of an extremely thin and light carbon fiber, obtained not reducing the fiber, but the resin, which is the heavy part. Final result is an amazingly thin and light, but strong and resistant, barrel, Omer says. Elastic bands are positioned below and to the sides of the barrel, a solution that gives best compromise for brandishing laterally, but also diagonally. This solution has also been possible thanks to the metal arc that has an upward inclination respect to the barrel.


A great novelty, which astonishes for the particular technology used, is the Sporasub Stealth wetsuit, with HECS StealthScreen Technology, made of a net of carbon filaments that produce a Faraday cage. This solution permits to avoid any passage of electric signals from the body of the spearo to the external, reducing the possibility of the fish being alerted by them.Certainly and innovative and technological solution that we plause, but which must be analyzed deeper in future articles.

Very interesting are also the new camouflages for Omer wetsuits, the Holo Stone with brown tonality, and the Black Stone, in grey tonality, with open cell interior and lined ultrastretch bidirectional simil-Lycra exterior. The graphic shows large areas of detailed sea floor (rocks and algae) and other areas with out of focus images, generating a 3D pattern. The 3.5 mm version differs from the 5 and 7 mm in the finishes of the edges of the wrists and ankles, where in the 3.5 the edge is obtained with the “Fused” technology, that makes the edge rounded and more resistant, while in the 5 and 7 mm the edges have the traditional “acquastop” double neoprene contour, stiffer but more insulating.

Omer also launches the refined solution for cold water bermuda, the Skin, signed by Marco Bardi, reduced in the length of the legs and the waist height, still obtaining the sealing effect of the area of overlap between jacket and trousers, but reducing material, meaning the need of less weight in cold conditions when the bermuda are usually utilized.

Nice news also on fins, with the Sporasub Spitfire Kelp, with transparent green technopolimer blades, which result in a special camouflage effect, and a hole on the blade in front of the foot-pocket, to let water through in an area non useful for thrust. The Spitfire foot-pocket is made of two different hardness termo-rubber.

Nice detail also from the camouflage black and green rubber weight belts from Sporasub, with steel and black clasp.

Other novelties for 2017 are coming from Umberto Pelizzari line, such as the UP-M1W white mask, a dedicated solution for freediving, where the athlete does not need to camouflage, but instead to be seen asap from the surface, making timely eventual rescue actions possible. New is also the simplified nose clip, the UP-NC2, with no regulation wheel (present on the UP-NC1), and so available at a more competitive price.

Always for freediving the new floating snorkel is available, the UP-SN1, soft on the tip and the internal side facing the head, and hard outside to keep the correct shape. Comfort and soft tip makes it also good for spearfishing in the lair.

Part of UP line is also the swimmingpool sac, the UP-B1, with a watertight pocket for all wet equipment, and external bands to fit even long fins.