After having anticipated what is probably the most interesting Cressi 2018 product, the Saetta Pro, let us see the other news from the 100% Italian company.

Together with the pneumatic speargun Saetta Pro, with “vuoto” technology, Cressi has worked on a new customizable sling gun, the Kiowa, new carbon fiber blades, also with camouflage solution, two new wetsuits renewed in the cut and the camouflage, a new single size back pack, the amazing Calibro mask in the Blue Nery colour, and a Dry Bag for spearguns. Let us see some more details.

Customizable Kiowa sling gun

Kiowa is a cutomizable sling gun, and is sold without shaft and elastic bands, and of course no reel either, so that such components can be chosen and mounted directly by the spearo.


Kiowa is available with two muzzlers, open and close, where the first includes an integrated magnet to help positioning the shaft and reloading. The new Cressi speargun is indicated for spearos with good experience, capable of choosing and personalizing their our sling gun. For such reason Cressi is offering the Kiowa with a 100% steel release mechanism, while the line release system has automatic return.


The inferior area of the muzzler has the metal line holder where the base has been reinforced for more resistance and duration in time.


Kiowa is part of the Cressi Atelier line, that is made of products not sellable on-line.

New Gara Modular Carbon blades

Renewed completely, the blades of the Gara Modular Carbon are manufactured industrally with 100% carbon fiber, except for a strip of kevlar utilized in the curved area under the foot-pocket, to make such part more resistant to fatigue.


Water rails are also completely new, and today are more refined and made with mould stamps, with variable height profile. Hardness of the rubber of the water rails is equal to 70 degrees Shore, compared to the 50 degrees Shore of the longerons.


Blades are available both black (carbon fiber) and camouflage, which is the Tracina wetsuit solution, but only in the inferior part, so to act when the spearo is lying down on the sea bottom. To optimize camouflage, also the Cressi logo on the back of the blades is matt, printed inside the resin. The rear surface, in addition, is extremely rough, while the front surface is smoother, but not glossy.


Cressi Gara Modular Carbon blades have medium hardness. 

Apnea and Corvina wetsuits

The new version of the Apnea wetsuit has been completely rivisited in the cut, which is today the most updated among Cressi wetsuits.



Apnea wetsuit is still traditional black colour, while the protections on the stern and the knees have been updated, well refined with a cover of elastic rubber material with antislip characteristics. Internal surface of the neoprene is spread with special paint to make the wetsuit easier to wear. Apnea wetsuit is available in 3.5, 5 and 7 mm thickness.

Massimiliano Muta Apnea
(Massimiliano Pierro, of Emporio del Pescatore, tries out the Apnea wetsuit to personally test the new cuts by Cressi)

Very innovative is the completely new 2018 wetsuit, which has another name of a fish, the Corvina (Croaker). Top solution in the Cressi wetsuit line, with black and grey camouflage, the Corvina is characterized by a number of externally smooth neoprene areas, which are internally open cell, but have in between the two layers a sheet of texture to give strength to the structure and avoid it from tearing apart. This is practically the Sandwich solution that Cressi calls Two-Ply neoprene. Solution has the external neoprene layer 1 mm thick, while the internal one is 4 mm. Corvina is available in 5 mm and 7 mm thickness. 

The areas with such solution are the back, central part of the cap and rear of the arms, but also the calfs. Logic behind this solution is to keep dry and warm the external surfaces of the wetsuit that are out of water when spearo is moving horizontally on the surface, by having smooth neoprene externally that dries quicker and absorbs better heat from sun rays. The large and long strip of Two-Ply neoprene that goes from the arm to the underarm down laterally along the jacket is one single piece for best resistance and comfort (no stitchings). Protections are present on the sternal area, with separated thicknesses covered with quite rigid rough material for protection and anti-slip solution.



Cut of the Corvina, as for the Apnea, is the newest cut by Cressi. On the trousers the adjustable Aqua Stop system is present.

Back pack, Calibro Blue Nery mask and Dry Bag

The novelties by Cressi are concluded with the single size back pack, which is adjustable in the size with different belts, the fantastic Calibro mask in Blue Nery colour and the Dry Bag.

The Back Pack is made in neoprene and permits to carry 6 traditional 1 kg beltweights, which are more economical than the pads. The buckles for the adjustment on the shoulders are positioned on top of the neoprene to avoid them to cut externally smooth neoprene wetsuits.


Calibro, together with the snorkel, is made with the blue colour of the Nery line, and is evidently complete with the revolutionaty Fog Stop system.

CalibroNeryFront Copia


Dry Bag, which we have only seen on catalogue, now has a zip that goes all along the bag, so to help storing and extracting spearguns from it. The bag is welded and has stitchings on the two ends.