“Photo project for Safety in the sea” by Apneapassion and Salvimar – send your photo!

With the start of Summer in the Northern hemisphere, which coincides with a great increase of boats in the sea, Apneapassion, in collaboration with Salvimar,  wants to support the diffusion of the knowledge of distances to be respected in the water, proposing this post. To help promote this important topic a vote on the Facebook Page of Apneapassion of the best spearfishing photos has been organized. Participation is international and open to everyone for free. Go to the Facebook Page of Apneapassion to participate to the contest!

To the owners of the 10 photos that will receive the higher number of Likes Salvimar will send:

  1. Salvimar Predathor 100 pneumatic speargun + Salvimar Torpedo PVC Buoy
  2. Salvimar Natail Fins + Salvimar Torpedo PVC Buoy
  3. Salvimar Double Buoy + Salvimar Bungeetech
  4. 10° Salvimar Torpedo PVC Buoy

In addition, the holder of a photo selected by Salvimar will receive a special reward:

  • Salvimar Noah Mask + Double Buoy + Bungeetech Salvimar.

Rules –  Read carefully!

Photos will need to respect spearfishing regulation in Italy (common to many other countries), in particular: tanks are banned and total weight of catch must not exceed 5 kg, apart from the case in which such weight is given by a single fish.

Photos will need to be sent between the 11th to the 22nd of July (included) via a message on the Facebook page of Apneapassion. Photos will be voted by Facebook passionate users from the 11th to the 26th of July.

Photos will be loaded in an album on Apneapassion Facebook page.

Participants will need to Like the Facebook page of Apneapassion (to be able to tag the photo loaded in the album)

It is not mandatory but, due to the important theme of safety which we want to deliver, it would be appreciated to have a Like on the post and a share of the image of the post regarding the minimum distance from the buoy indicating diver below.

For any clarification you can write to info@apneapassion.com

Anyone who participates to “Photo project for safety in the sea” confirms that Facebook is lifted from any responsibility linked to the project.

“Photo project for safety in the sea” is in no way sponsored, supported or administrated by Facebook, not associated with Facebook.