Coming from certainly warmer Africa, another team that will find different conditions compared to home, Tunisia. We interviewed Rifaat Bahri – Captain of Tunisian national team.

ApneaPassion: Euro-African 2019: special situation with non-traditional fishing compared to warmer waters and also fishing starting from the shore…how did you choose the team and please present briefly each athlete?

Rifaat Bahri: We had a preselection and we chose 10 athletes. Then according to results, training and tests we chose the four best athletes fit for this competition. We have spearos for each kind of conditions and we chose the team that will be good in this kind of championship, with swimming and strong current. Sali Belhaj Saad is almost always in the team as he is our most experienced athlete, but others are different every year.

AP: Expectations for this competition?

RB: Last three, four years we have had problems with money so we have not have threchance to go for preparations, but we aim to be among the first ten even without preparations or at least the best African team. I am very confident in our athletes.

AP: Key elements to be strong in this competition? (physical, tactical, experience in these waters..)

RB: Luck will play a big role in this kind of competition. There is no special spots with rocks where you can fish all day. You will need to swim and search for good places to catch more than one fish. Physical shape is important, but it will not be enough if you don’t have luck and some tactic according to current.

AP: Strongest teams and athletes to look at?

RB: Athletes from Denmark and Finland will be good as these are their places and way of fishing, so maybe they will reach the podium. Italians can be good and Xavi Blanco from Spain.