The energetic Ukrainian team could not be missed, with Captain Andrii Lagutin leading the team and Svetlana Mayorova strong woman ready for the Euro-African 2019. We interviewed Lagutin, who is not very happy with the particular rules of this competition.

ApneaPassion: A special situation with non-traditional fishing in Denmark compared to warmer waters and also fishing starting from the shore…how did you choose the team and please present briefly each athlete?

Andrii Lagutin: This year the competition, in my opinion, has a form that is not for the best underwater hunters technically, but for very fast and strong swimmers. The area is shallow and not particularly interenting . Moreover, particular rules are quite strange with start and finish from the shore, that with very strong currents limit the possibility of spearos to express themselves and increase the level of stress and risk.

In my opinion, taking into account local traditions, the formula of competitions, so-called “French format”, where you have one boat per team, and start and finish in one or several points, would be much more correct.

The Ukrainian team arrived in a fairly large team, at the last moment also a girl has added:

Lagutin – captain

Golovianko – athlete

Piatakov – athlete

Mironchuk – athlete

Arnaut – spare , for it is the first serious competition.

Majorova – female standings

AP: Strongest teams and athletes to look at?

AL: Of course, local athletes who have a lot of experience spearfishing here, and those who have already visited this area, have a serious chance of success.

But the simple production of flat fish, small amount of sport fish and rather dull waters, still preserve the element of surprise and lottery.

Nevertheless, the competition will be interesting, intrigue persists, and I hope that the strongest will win.