External design

The first impression of the XT Diving Pro T4 fins is good, with a classic design and with few useless marketing details. The flexibility of the XT Diving Pro T4 fins out of water denotes their very soft compound still maintaining a good reactive return.

Surface and shallow water

Tested in all weather and sea conditions, and also both in surface transfers, in the shallow to medium and finally deep water, the XT Diving Pro T4 fins have always behaved well, but the qualities are enhanced in the medium-shallow dives. The movements on the surface are good and performing even with high current and, on this aspect, I was really surprised. The kicking is comfortable and does not tire the limbs even after a long time. In shallow water, they are really spectacular and suitable for use in the tightest spaces and in ambushes.

Medium to deep dives

In medium-deep dives even if the XT Diving Pro T4 are designed with short blades, they performed very well maintaining a good restart acceleration from the sea bottom, and a fairly good ascent speed (50-52 m/minute).


In brief an excellent pair of fins for any possible use and best performance from zero to – 20 meters.