Prices, conclusions and final votes to the Seac Kama 7.0

List price

Kama 5mm camouflage jacket  196€. Kama 5mm camouflage trousers  144€.

Kama 7mm camouflage jacket 215€. Kama 7mm camouflage trousers 154€.

Kama 5mm black jacket 172€. Kama 5mm black trousers 125€.

Kama 7mm black jacket 189€. Kama 7mm black trousers 136€.


The Kama 7.0 is a resistant wetsuit, very well manufactured and with good thermal isolation. Lining, quality of the bondings and the strength of the stitching make it a seemingly indestructible product. Such strength does not influence comfort, which is good, apart from some minor improvements possible in the cap area and behind the knees.  Some specific solutions aimed to improving strength and comfort make the Kama a very interesting product for those who look for good comfort and excellent resistance to wear, but also accept loosing a little bit of softness. 


Like – Don’t like


Manufacturing quality, in particular the bondings

Internal sternal protection

Internally lined trims

PU Print 3D rubber cover with separated rhombus

Different thickness cap areas

Don’t like

Ears area positioned too much backward

Stitching behind the knees a little bit stiff

Fitting of the cap a little tight at the chin area



Thermal isolation 8 (Good, even after 3 hours in water at 16 °C)

Comfort 7,5 (comfortable wetsuit, with some detail that could be improved)

Bindings and stitching 10 (practically impeccable)

General resistance 9 (extremely high thanks to the external lining, excellent stitching and bondings, and internally lined trims)

Wearing and un-wearing easiness 8 (excellent thanks to the strength of materials. Soap is needed due to the open cell interior)

Intelligent solutions 8 (various and interesting, a pity there are some inaccuracies in the cap area)

Use in trasfers outside the water6 (we refer to Winter-cold weather, since thickness is 7mm, and as any externally lined wetsuit it has the problem of not drying out quickly)