Polyolefin blades detatchable from the foot-pocket, the latter of extremely high quality, the Seac Motus fins are an economically accessible solution with a great quality for non-composite material blades.

Motus are the top model polyolefine fins by Seac, with characteristics that, for not too deep dives, represent an excellent choice, also from a cost point of view. 

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The blade


Made in polyolefin resin, with added TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) to give greater elasticity and return, and produced in moulds, the blades of the Motus are very well refined. Available in one single stiffness, the efficiency of flexion is insured, in addition to the special material, by the differentiated thicknesses in the various parts of the blade. Not only, stiffening veins, four in the lower and four in the upper surface, increase reactivity of the blade and reduce lateral slip. Moreover, two 13 cm long fins, with variable height, which goes up to maximum 5 mm, and that are positioned laterally at the tip of the blade, also optimize the control of lateral slip.



Dimensions are non excessive, with the blade centrally 59 cm long, measured from the tip of the blade down to the curve under the foot-pocket, while laterally (the flap has a swallow tail shape) length is 62 cm. Width in front of the foot is 13 cm, and goes up to 22 cm at the tip of the blade.

Angle between blade and foot-pocket is a traditional 22°, while weight measured by AP is equal to 405 grams.


Blades of the Motus are available also camouflage, with Kama, for rocky sea bottom, and Makaira, more adapt to blu water fishing.



Seac Motus foot-pocket is excellently refined, in double hardness material, 70 shore for longerons and base of foot, and 55 Shore for the upper part. Moreover, the foot-pocket is complete with differentiated thickness, especially on the foot instep, for more rigidity and capacity to transmit force from foot to the blade. Connection between foot-pocket and blade is the tradtional sistem with plastic pad and two screws, plus clips on the longerons.


AP has measured the weight of the foot-pockets equal to 545 grams in the size 43-44. Measures available for foot-pockets are 36-38, 39-40, 41-42, 43-44, 45-46, 47-48, and refer to the size of the foot with a 3 mm sock.


Flexion is good but, as for all polimer blades, is not as reactive as composite material blades (carbon and glass fiber). Motus will be tested in the water for a deeper evaluation of performance.