Extremely powerful, the Daylight is the new torch by Salvimar, which joins the less powerful (and also less expensive) Lecoled.


Ultra compact design, which makes the Daylight the more compact diving torch on the market, and extremely refined, with a tough chassis completely made in anodized black aluminium: the new Salvimar torch immediately appears a latest generation product. Compact design permits, also, to position Daylight easily on the arm using an elastic band.

The external surface of the head of the torch has up to 9 channels to improve grip and the cooling of the torch, avoiding any overheating of the internal componets, even when out of water, even though there is no automatic shutdown system.


In the lower part the aluminium is machined to obtain a curve profile useful to position the torch on the 40 mm diameter of a pneumatic speargun using plastic bands but, really, the torch can be well mounted on a 28 mm diamter tube of a sling gun.

Sealing between the head and the chassis of the torch is insured by a screwing system with double O-Ring. Maximum depth guaranteed by Salvimar is 60 meters.



The switch is with a button in polished steel, with on off position and reduced thickness, so to avoid the risk of accidentally turning on the torch outside of the water. Such switch has been designed by Salvimar to obtain a very simple final solution.


Geometry of the torch and shape and position of the switch permit to hold the torch in an inverted position, with the thumb on the rear end, pressing the switch with the little finger (see final video), giving the possibility to hold the cave positioning the arm in a way that could be more confortable in some situations.


The lace is in Nylon with spring cursor for regulating tightness, while a rubber band is present to avoid the lace shifting along the arm. Alternatively it could be a very functional option to use an elastic band solution, that, as Salvimar says, permits to have the torch always in the right position compared to the hand, thanks to the special shape and orientation of the hole at the rear of the torch where the lace is inserted.


Electric circuit

The Daylight toch, with its latest generation characteristics, is made with an electric circuit that permits maximum lighting efficiency and maintains constant light power even when rechargeable battery is almost completely discharged.


The system, moreover, permits to detect constantly the charge level of the battery and to indicate, through a small led just in front of the switch, charge level of the battery: green charged, yellow partially charged, red, almost completely decharged.



The LED is of latest generation and is mounted on an aluminium chromed reflector, while the lens is hardened 4 mm thick glass. Light beam produced in such a way is strong and wide, as Salvimar indicates that need of spearo or diver in general is not only to light the cave when inside it, but also illuminate the area from outside, and to do this the beam must be of course strong and wide.


Rechargeable battery

Recheargeable battery is an ICR18650 of 2200 mAh and 3.7V and is included woth the torch, together with the recharging station, surely a plus compared to competition that do not have rechargeable solutions. This solution also permits to increase duration of charge of the battery by substituting it with a 3600 mAh battery. Salvimar indicates in avarage 2.5 hours the duration with this battery, while with the standard battery duration is equal to 1.5 hours with the torch always on. We will verify in a test in the water such values.


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