Interesting torch is the Red Bullet by Epsealon, compact, well refined and with a special accessory, the Holster.


Among the most compact torches on the market and completely made of aeronautic red anodizied aluminum with type HA III military protection against abrahasion and corrosion, the Red Bullet torch of the French Epsealon can be easily positioned on the arm with an elastic band. Also, the Red Bullet can be mounted on the Epsealon Holster, to fit it on the back of the hand, keeping the latter free to work.


The torch is made of two halves that screw one onto the other and where the water tightness is insured by 3 O-Rings that permit the descent to – 200 meters. The front half has greater diameter equal to 2.9 cm, while the other half has diameter of 2.4 cm. Total length of the torch has been measured equal to 14.6 cm.

Design is cylindrical with no real ergonomic shape. The cylindrical simmetry is interrupted by the switch and ita base.


Reflector is made in chromed aluminum, while the thickness of the lens is record among the torches analyzed and equal to 5 mm of hardened glass.  


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Of small dimensions, the switch, in glass loaded Nylon, functions by a sliding solution with no automatic return. The totally rear position equal off, while an intermediate position is still off and helps to avoid possible accidental turning on of the torch. Finally, the totally advanced position of the switch equals the on setting. The base of the switch is in stainless steel and is blocked with 4 hex screws.



The lace is in Nylon texture of good diameter, but not too long, and is covered, as many of the other torches on the market, with a soft red rubber tube to avoid slipping of the lace along the arm. The adjustment of the lace is insured by the classic spring cursor.

Circuit and LED

Electronic circuit permits to have a constant light power along all the run time of the battery until almost total depletion. In addition, the circuit protects for overheating (for example when torch is lit out of the water) by out shut off, and also protects from reverse polarity.


The LED is Xm-L2 U4 type and produces, with the rechargeable standard battery, a light flow of 1050 lumen and 22420 lux. The solid angle of the central spot of light is indicated equal to 11 degree. 

Rechargeable battery

The battery is a rechargeable Ion-Lithium type. Epsealon indicates in 2 hours the run time of the battery with torch constantly on, while lifetime of the battery is 50.000 hours.


For the complete technical data sheet of the Epsealon Red Bullet torch click here.

The Holster

Very interesting is the fixing system of the torch on the back of the hand, a system that works for most compact torches, which is named Holster. Using a number of Velcro bands the Holster is easily fitted on the hand, which will be, for the spearos the opposite one to the hand holding the speargun. In such a way, the hand on which the torch is fitted will still have fingers free to work and the light will be easily pointed.

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